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Who control the conversation around women in media?

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I have been doing some deep thinking again around who control the conversation around women in media. It came from the danish women network, Morgendagens Heltinder, where some of the members are real busy telling the network when they are in Danish magazines. With a lot of glam and glitter. Frankly I am so very tired of these cool women, displayed by the media, in the way the media wants to display them. So the “old” media – such as newspapers, magazines, tv, they ask you questions, you simply answer. They control the conversation around women in media. So they control the people.

They have the power – they ask the questions. They “scope” the interview or article or whatever. So they control the people.

New media, on the other hand,  whether it’s wiki’s, blogs, podcasts or whatever social media that puts you in charge, makes you control the conversation.
You do the thinking, you scope the questions, you put out there, into the world, what you genuinely want out there. And your customers ( and fellow networkers ) will answer – read you, know you!

You will be more reliable than you could ever be in the normal media.

You will be more visible…

Remember: you only get what you put out there. If you don’t ask the questions, you wont get the answers. If you don’t question the questions the glam magazines ask you, then nothing will change.

And later on: I revisited this blogpost – it’s still super relevant, and I have to add this:

Especially I have to highlight the Hadley Freeman quote, in the end of the movie that got me typing on this post again:


A lot of people has, over the years asked me why I am not pursuing a more “women-focused” PR approach. And one of the reasons is that I’ve had one women’s article written about me, and it literally had me crawling up the walls. All the cool stuff that I’ve told the journalist about me didn’t make the cut. My orange huge Luella Bartley bag did – as well as my hair routine to endorse products.

It’s not the world I live in.

It’s not a world I endorse.


6 replies on “Who control the conversation around women in media?”

I agree that having a blog gives you the chance to get your views out to everybody. But I think the people who read your blog probably share the same views or interests as you. How could they have reached your site without looking for it?

So if you for instance have some political statement you want to tell the world about, how would you tell those who are not listening (or searching for your blog)?

In this regard old media is still better as a provocative headline may catch there interest.

Hi tk,

sure they share the same views or interests as me.. but I have two words for you

1. word – of – mouth

2. networking

and I don’t mean word- of- mouth and networking as “what’s in it for me, myself and I ” but I mean it as genuine interest for the people you’re with.. and following up on these interests… I think that half of the people who reads this blog has met me in person.. but hell.. who cares ? it makes me fell filosophical.. and put down thoughts on paper …

That still doesn’t explain how you will be able to reach people who are not already part of your network.

My point is that being interviewed for an article in some old media will still enable you to bring out your message to more people than your blog will.

Probably this will change over time.

so word of mouth and networking aren’t a process of reaching people outside your network ?

well I must have been missing something here..

Im not saying that old media doesn’t get out to a lot of people, because it does.. but still, you should underestimate the new media either, because at some point it will catch up , I believe in that !

the only thing that can ruin this patch is if bloggers loose their integrity, and they no longer are a “truthful” source of media.. but will that ever happen ?

wow! beautiful blog. you should win a design award for that! excellent.

the ACIM SAYS: “nothing unreal exhists. and nothing real can be threatened. herein lies the peace of god.”

i left a reply on my blog about your plaxo – linked in comment. i did it there so i’d be open info for everyone.

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