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Al Gore at WeMedia on how commercials are blocking debate

While I can’t be at WeMedia on the other side of the pond Trine-Maria and Henrik Føhns are blogging from the venue. Trine-Maria wrote an excellent transcipt of Al Gore’s speech and here is the part of the transcript ( translated from danish) that moves me the most:

It seems like we live in another universe. 3/4 of americans has replied that they believe that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 – today 50 {5efe2dfab989fd5e1401261f36f469c26e78ec7db6dd6d3e4b43ca097ae6fc54} of the american public still believes it! the OJ Simpson case was an earlier example of the obsession, which in larger and larger scale is categorizing the media nowadays.
how can it be that we torture prisoners, and we aren’t rebelling against it ? even worse, we are not discussing it. If the gap between rich and poor are getting bigger – why is there more and more apathy next to this development ? Senator Burns asked, when the United States declared war on Iraq ” why is here so quiet ? why isn’t the debate lifting off the rooftop ? The senators wasn’t there to debate, they were out at their tiers collecting money for the next tv commercial – and the commercials are hence, more important than the debate…

This is very very interesting, I need to reflect on it a bit more… the first word that comes to mind is “very scary”..

I wonder if it is the same in Denmark. Are the politicians too busy hiring spindoctors and winning elections instead of focusing on the actual problems. Is this the reason that the government is not focusing on the long term problems ?
Im chilled, it is getting cold in here..

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