As a proper danish blogger

I need to tangle the subject of “kræftens bekæmpelse” ( danish cancer society) having a “weblog” for princess Mary and princess Alexandra.

in short the case is, that it is not Mary or Alexandra who writes them.. hence it is not a weblog.
you can’t comment – it is not a weblog

and there is no permalinks – it is not a weblog

so why are danish cancer society calling them “weblogs”?

publicity by hosting the princesses weblogs ? possibly..

innovation ? even more so..

so if Alex or Mary are coming by here.. please comment ! are you aware of what they are doing ?

I would think it hurted your images .. but that is solely from a branding point of view.

it would be the coolest if you had time to blog…

when they say weblogs they are genuinely saying -that you are writing them.. that is the essence of blogging..

i am offended because an organization are misusing the term blogging..

so why haven’t you stopped it yet ? – is this going to hit the mainstream media.. ?

so guys.. should I do the mainstream media way and make a pressrelease tomorrow ? whaddoyasay ?

OHH and in the words of Nicole Simon whom I justed talked with on skype ” looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, tastes like a duck but is called an eagle. great *g*

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