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Self-employed NOT making it to the maternity fund ( barselsfond for selvstændige) negotiations in Denmark

In Denmark there is currently being negotiated about the “maternity fund” (barselsfond for selvstændige)… basically it is a fund where all the employers have to put money, so their employees can have maternity leave.
One of the main reasons for this is that currently, industries where the majority of the employees are men, does not pay as much for maternity leave as other industries where the number of females are larger.

this is the case because of two issues:

1. not enough men in Denmark take maternity leave

2. I will be so kind to predict for you, that females in these industries are not as “competitive” as men, because it is more expensive to hire women. The cause is natural: women ( and men) tend to have babies, when they fall in love.. hence they ( both) have to be paid to have maternity leave.

it is not common in Denmark for men to take maternity leave. I think it has something to do with the “I might miss out on something” issue – that guys tend to have.

the negotiations have been started now.. ( yeeeeeyyy!).

BUT – the selfemployed are not at the negotiation table’s .. why ? – because it’s to hard to control selfemployed businesses… so especially females, DO NOT become selfemployed if you want to have babies..

this sucks….

BUT I am working on a PR project for Morgendagens Heltinder according to the Maternity Fond

and watch the news tonight people !, the ever lovely Julie Pi ( member of the board in “Morgendagens Heltinder” ) is going to discuss the issue(the importance of the selfemployed being present at the negotiations) in the news.

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