my theory of the silent revolution part 1

I have constantly been thinking about how to scope this theory ¬†properly and how to write it so I wouldn’t look as a complete jerk.
It envolves my theory of the silent revolution.

The silent revolution as I see it, is what blogging sprang from. is why web 2.0 is happening, and why free agents start up everywhere, making a living of their interests. I have not done any research except for looking at the tendencies in society. so here goes

back in..uhhmm 1999 – I started reading the book called “no logo” by Naomi Klein. And as a real closet hippie, I was outraged and upset by the multinational companies abusing societies and making living standards, well not liveable – for a lot of people all across the world.
why ? for money and efficiency and to have more money to use on mainstream marketing to sell more ( and get consumers to consume more of their products). I think the book touched my anti-autoritive behaviour and I became real angry !…
what I found that “no logo” was missing was an action plan .. I finished the book at a holiday in Corfu, Greece – and I was all hyped up on ” all power to the people” , ” think global act local” – but I didn’t know how to make my meaning heard – or how to change anything!

then I read “culture jam” by Kalle Lasn of adbusters and “fast food nation” – the last one actually made me puke… I couldn’t believe that people would go to such extremes for money – and I could believe that the world around us is closing their eyes on it.

I don’t believe that people didn’t care. but for the first 4 years when I was a vegetarian – I was met with the question ” why ?” and ” well it doesn’t matter in the big picture” – but being a vegetarian mattered to me… it was my little provocation against society…

a lot of people in the start of the 2000’s thought that way. our influence wasn’t big enough as a sole person. then something happened.

I think it was a mixture between companies pressing products down our throats and making one way marketing to have us -well consume more.
Nobody actually listened to what we were saying. We weren’t mainstream media , so who cared ?

well other consumers cared. the revolt in seattle for the WTO meeting in .. whenever… the boycots of Esso – all happening because of communities and the insight that if people stand together as a group – we can actually make things happen.

this is the end of part 1, part 2 will be posted tomorrow –

I am using it all for a book project that I am working on, and hopefully will finish in 3 months.. it’s a bit deep.. but I hope I make sense

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