10 things that I love about a home office

the office

This is my office. Well yeah duh! You’re probably thinking. But really, this is where all of my work lies – I really don’t need anything else than my laptop, a notebook, pencil and my phone to get my day in order.

I have had an office, where I went to work in the middle of Copenhagen for the last couple of months. Which has been great – but, it has been an ekstra stress factor to my day that I felt that I HAD to go to my office. The other thing is that I haven’t been that good at using it, because I very soon found out that I couldn’t write from there. When you’re writing a book it’s kinda obvious that you need to be in a place where you can write.

So I moved my office back to Hvissinge.  And I cancelled my office in Copenhagen, even though I am going to miss the EXCELLENT people sitting in there. I can work from anywhere really. But I think my base needs to be my home, when I get my first employee (as I have planned in a couple of months) the tune is going to be different probably – but for now, my office is my home.

so here’s the 10 things I love about my home office.

1. I don’t have any stress getting to the office

2. I can work whenever I want as long as it doesn’t collide with my family time

3. I can wear slippers – that’s a big deal for me (heck I could even wear my pj’s too if I wanted)

4. I can dance

5. I can nap (I love napping)

6. I don’t have any extra costs of an office in the city, or transportation to it.

7. I get a lot of city anyway, and I see people because I have client work in there almost everyday

8. I get to have an office dog ( and he’s really happy im home, even though he’s just sleeping all the time) (picture below)


9. I get to make my lunch myself

10.  Im relaxed but focused and at work. for some reason it’s easier to me to do all the business-y stuff from home. phonecalls skype calls, etc.

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