diversity: getting away from people like yourself

I think a really important thing for everybody is to get away from people like yourself. Not constantly or all the time, but sometimes when you need inspiration.

So go to that financial conference. Take a trip to a place you never thought about going. The diversity is creativity in it’s essence.

Be inspired.

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I had a similar thought a couple of years ago, which resulted in the blog post “Why social software might destroy us all” ( In part:

“One of the great things about geography, at least some of the time, is that it often places us in situations where we have to learn how to live in harmony with a whole range of people. You want to praise God on Sundays while your neighbour wants to listen to Motorhead. I like french fries, you like gulab jaman. You raise goats, I play chess. You’re Catholic, I’m not. Learning to live, and thrive, with the thousand little incompatibilities we share with our neighbours and fellow citizens builds up “social dissonance muscles” and leaves us with skills that allow us to, at the very least, tolerate difference.

I’m wondering if the more we jump into the online orgies of the like-minded, the more time we spend exclusively with people who share our passions, the weaker these muscles are going to become.”

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