Creating markets instead of competing over marketshares

(painting by my good friend Hans-Henrik Fischer)

I just wrote a blogpost on my danish blog about social media on about a subject that I am totally on to this morning – which is why I will continue it as here as well.  I have always been thinking there’s a “few” things that separates my business ( you know t to the oothless tiger) from other businesses. And this morning I thought about it even further and… I have never competed. Not once. I guess it depends on how you define competing – but no, not that I am aware of anyway, I simply can’t think of an episode where I have done that. I have always been.. well creating my own marketshare instead of gaining marketshares from others – those things I have been doing has mostly been on a global scale or at least for the english speaking part of the world.

Isn’t there so much more energy to creation that competing ? it makes so much sense. Google creates markets. Apple creates markets. They don’t really compete do they ? either people like you or they don’t. if they don’t like you then they probably won’t buy from you and their preference is elsewhere…Everytime people they book a rock it session or they hire me as a strategist, speaker or rebel, it’s me they want, not anyone else…

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