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Things are quiet on the blog these days, but pretty hectic everywhere else, moving houses is such a big deal and I am looking so much forward to settling in, the transition is driving me slightly mad these days, maybe because there’s so many unsolved issues. But around 2 weeks ago I was so lucky to attend Roskilde Festival in sunshine. It was such a great time and probably one of my favorite festivals ever. (bands rocked, friends everywhere and great weather, what’s there not to like. Laura and Sami drove down from Helsinki to attend the festival as well and Sami made us come to this really cool and weird concert with the finnish band: Circle. It was a weird blast, but after a while people starting really getting into it – and I must say, it’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed a simulated decapitation of the singer by the bassist – with a guitar.

After the show the band members themselves started to clear away  their equipment. It made me burst into a “be your own roadie” statement. One that I promised I would look into more on the blog. I mean being an online rock star and all (ahem=) Im the one to toy around with the statement as well.

And if you think about it “be your own roadie” isn’t really a bad statement for a company that wants to be more like a rockband. If you’re a rockband and you are your own roadie, it means that you’re relying on yourself to get things done. Epic.  In my world it’s often the “being my own roadie” that’s the most exhausting, but also the place where you really can feel the entrepreneurial freedom. It means that even though you’re the band, you’re relying on yourself to make the show go on. Taking away the excuses for not getting things to happen for you and taking responsibility and not blaming the world for everything.

It’s up to you.

You need to do it yourself. Create it yourself. whatever.

Be your own roadie.

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The Circle concert WAS epic and I too loved the fact that the band went back on stage afterward, took one last bow and carried out their own equipment!
It goes to show that they care enough about what they do to commit to doing the heavy lifting too!

I get so tired when I hear people moaning over other people not doing their job or doing less than they expect. If you care about something, do it yourself or find other people who care as much (although this might be the toughest job of all). Remember though that when you ask other people do something for you, they get to decide how to do it! 😉

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