Creating an empire of you

Have you ever thought about – that you could create an empire of you ? Especially with the tools available on the net these days. You can become your own business (and business plan).. isn’t that just super-awesome-amazing ? I think it rocks. So here’s a snippet of the new Henriette Weber design – and it’s going to have so much more of me. Really It’s totally me, and there’s going to be more =)

Where Toothless Tiger is my workplace, is going to contain my wisdom and my wonderings given to you in a blog and newsletter format. I have even added a danish newsletter to the site – the blog will be kept in english though – as it has been for the last 5 years…

Anyway – I have a to-do list of 30 things I want to add to the site – so I’ll get on with it and let you have a rockin weekend =)

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