The art of shoveling things down other peoples throat

I’m convinced that a lot of people want to know how to do this artform.  I myself, am going through a throat-shoveling period. Selling has always been a bit problematic for me, because I want to do it my way, and with integrity. I’ve written a bit about it before, with a social media/strategic sales angle, but I want to elaborate more on it.

As I see it with online sales,  the thing you really want people to do is to sign up to get more – get them so close so you know them well (and get them to love you and think you’re cool. If they don’t then they can go someplace else =)

I used to absolutely despise selling offline. I used to hate the “I wanna get money from you guys and I’ll give you something really valuable” and  “let’s meet and have coffee and you can tell me what you can do for me”. Yuck.

Luckily my clients love my work, so that’s not the point. The point is that I am so desperately afraid that people will think I suck =) I’m afraid you guys will hate me if I reach out and say “hey! buy me!”..

BUT – that has changed – Some of you may know that there’s a new guy in Toothless Tiger town – the awesome Mark Bandte, and he’s fantastic at shoveling stuff down peoples throats with integrity and with Toothless Tiger style. Heck I can’t even call it shoveling anymore! I call it “selling to cool cats and kittens”.
But even though Mark is doing wonders for the tiger, the real fantastic transformation is within me. Because I found out that it doesn’t have to be “cold canvas selling”,
Like some sales coaches are saying, and what I was schooled to believe. Sales = bothering people. I will not pick up the phone and call random people! Never ever ever.

I found out that I could actually be really strategic about it and define who I thought was cool enough to work with me, and that I only wanted to work with cool people. I could use all my energy on targeting those companies and give them so much value before they bought anything, so they would buy my hours afterwards – so far it has worked. I’m totally selective to the point of obsession =)

I used to live on a planet where selling was black and white… And now I’ve figured out, that I am actually pretty good at it, and that you can adjust it.  Heck I might even do a “sales with integrity, fuck cold canvas” online workshop. Because I think it’s brilliant, and It has raised my confidence in my approach to other people.

Oh, another person that has changed my views on selling, is Kim Duke of the sales divas.  Her newsletter rocks (it says on the site that it’s only for women, but if the men just cross-dress for this one, I guess it’s ok).

On the danish site of things Anna Thygesen is totally fantastic in the latest episode of the energitte podcast (only in danish) but a 2 hour podcast about sales? I’m totally on (oh and Anna if you’re reading this, I will totally book you to look things over when I think I’m ready for it =)

Who do you think rock sales and why? I’m looking for more inspiration in a field I’ve never seen myself in =)


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