Things I wish I had known from the beginning of building the personal brand know as Henriette Weber











My “personal brand” kind of snook up on me in the middle of the night. When I started back in 2005 I had no intention of turning it into a brand – as little as I had intended for it to be read by anybody else than my english-speaking friends.

It kind of grew on me, to a place where I know that people come to me for advice, launches  and strategies around marketing, branding and identity – because I am – well- Me. When I saw that I myself was the core reason for people to purchase my services both here on and on Toothless Tiger, I started to get strategic around my brand – or myself. So here’s a small recap what I think I’ve done well -and what I could have done more of.

Here’s what I wish I would have done more of:

Seeing it as a business  and have been more targeted in my content. didn’t start out as a business – but it fast became a way for me to rant and vent about stuff I thought was wrong with the world. I wish I would have written 2 blogposts a day and build on it all the time. I wish I would have identified what it should have been about and stuck to that instead of doing things that might not fit with the brand – but I thought was cool.

Set up the newsletter from beginning

I wish I would have set up my danish and english newsletters from the beginning because they make so much sense for me to publish, They come out every 2nd week and they are filled with stuff I love and stuff I think is valuable for people who reads them. However they have only excisted for 2 years or so, because I, naive and curly as I can be, chose to stick to the blog for a long while. The point is, that where the blogformat reaches some people, newsletters reaches some other people. Everytime I send out a newsletter I get requests for something. Everytime I write a blogpost people send me emails saying how much they like them. Two very different but important things to keep me going and making me feel love and blessed with cool people around me. thank you!=)

Interview more people and get more guestblogposts from my network on

Very early on, I decided not to get guestblogposts from people I didn’t know well, but I think I should have interviewed more people on here for the blog – around digital marketing, branding and identity.

Create more videos. 

I love to create videos and I wish I would have done it more and structured it more, normally it became some really cool return on involvement videos, that was captured really fast, but where the message could have been stretched and made more creative.

Things I think I’ve done pretty well

I showed up at the events in my area of work:

For the first couple of  years, one of the heavy things on my budget for Toothless Tiger was conferences and large european events in the field I wanted to work in, with the people I was inspired by. and let me tell you how many people there are doing awesome things in digital – A lot. So here I was

I did events myself: 

Geekdinners, Barcamps, Geek Girl Meetups, Social Media Club meetings, I have done them all =) and I love it, but it’s a lot of work=)

I published blogposts that spoke my mind

It made people Love me or hate me – which is how I would like to have it. It’s so important to me that I don’t feel like people are indifferent about me.

I spoke at a lot of events

Sometimes really cool events, other times really bad events. However It made me structure my talks a lot and it made me have a large amount of people who knew what I wanted to do with the world and where I came from.

I transformed ideas into blogposts into e-books, books and manifestos

I knew that my way to make this fun for me, was to keep adding my own 2 cents – not just linking to other people. So I made up maps in my head and put them out there in the world. Like my ebook: why every company should be a rockband, which was a blogpost on, then a talk at the Shift Conference in Portugal, then an ebook, then another talk, then a part of my danish book Return on Involvement, and now one of the pillars of my work around involvement.

And you ? have you been here for a long while ? what would you have liked to see me do more of ? what have you liked in particularly ? any ideas or comments are greatly appreciated =)

Be guys – just Be.



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