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Visiting RICE – the identity of a caring colourful happyness company

Identity rockers here’s something for you:

A couple of weeks back I visited RICE.

In my humble opinion one of the top 5 danish design companies with the coolest identity. I was so lucky that I got to see their colorful HeadQuarters in Odense.

I hi-jacked their founder and creative director Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau for an interview. I had a hidden agenda, and wanted to talk to her about the RICE identity,  and the red thread in everything they do.

Here is what came out of it (warning- turn the sound up – it didn’t come out that well):

What’s so special about the RICE identity: They have build it from their own uncompromisable core.

And I am crazy about that. Their tagline is “people care- we care”. And they mean it (as you will also see in the video above).  Their whole warehouse was filled with how Rice is making a difference for people, in the crazy world of design.

I know for a fact, through my work with my awesome cool clients , that  building from the core is what you need to do.  Especially if you want to build more and more digital branding around you using different platforms: social media, apps, community – you name it.

RICE stands out so strong because the company actually gives you something to believe in (instead of just doing awesome colourful products). It gives them a substance and a coolness that often are missed in the business world,  and that’s why I adore them so. Are you inspired to do more about your identity? I am. Also I have had the strangest urge to  put colours everywhere after my visit.
In addition to the video and me geeking around their identity

Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau has a wonderful book coming out soon entitled “Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a colourful home” – about colors and happyness, can’t wait to see it in my bookshelf! here’s a sneakpeak:

the identity of a colourful company, now in book format

For more of the colourful universe of Charlotte Gueniau you have to check out her Pinterest and the RICE blog.

Can’t help but thinking of the Rolling Stones song ” she’s a rainbow”.

Charlotte for sure is putting colours everywhere, and if anybody would ever ask me if I had met a rainbow, I would say: Sure! she runs a colourful company called RICE in Odense Denmark and she’s taking over the world.



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