That old “I should totally build a brand around this idea” feeling

I think it’s sad that people are so in doubt about what kind of personal or corporate brand they can be. What kind of brand is aligned with them. A brand is something that should be closely aligned with your identity or personality.

I totally get where you’re coming from. When I read some of my first stuff on branding I thought it was sky-high and I couldn’t but a finger on anything I could actually use it for. But then slowly I switched into action gear and started to create stuff around me that I thought was aligned with my personality and personal brand. Suddently I didn’t only see a blank canvas (my blog) I saw a million creative ways I could make a living being myself and giving my practical and curly inspiration to the world.

Listen rockers! it starts out with one thing: Great ideas! If you’re thinking about your branding and you suddenly come up with something that you, yourself think is a great idea, then it’s something that’s worth considering. If you get the “I should totally build something around this idea” feeling.  There’s probably an aspect of that idea that is aligned with you and what personal or even corporate brand you can have.

Let’s add all these great ideas and actions!

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