When your whole life is up for revision


life revision


Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook know that I have had a ruff couple of months. Everything has been up for revision. I am in the process of getting my health better, and I am slowly making progress. A lot of stuff has been put on pause.  A lot of relations and projects doesn’t even matter anymore. All that matters is my health and my family. That is what happens when you suddenly get really ill. This is what I’ve learned so far:

Breathe in the good shit
Breathe out the bad shit

Review everything. Do what’s truly you. Don’t waste time on people that are not important. Forgive. Forget.

Deeper breaths.

All these clichés that people post on social media, all these poster type of things, all this health research and meditation practices and food diaries and taking health seriously:

These things that I have promised myself I will do one day when I have time? Well now is the time. I feel like most of these clichés are some that I have to live through. I have to trust the universe. I have to get better. I have to keep up my positive thinking, eat healthy, meditate and have my twice daily training practice for the lungs. I have to live in a clean house without clutter because if I don’t do this, I am really sick. My hypersensitive lungs reacts. Yeah and that’s what’s the matter. I’ve got hypersensitive lungs right now, so I basically react to everything airborn. I don’t even know what conditions will put me in the hospital again and what wont. It sucks, but it’s my reality these days and it’s slowly getting better.

life revision 2

Words without actions are… just words.

So my take on it ? It seems like the universe is playing a game, a game that has been played with me since childhood. It’s called weird lung-deceases and this is the third lung decease I have to battle and live with- the first one was legionella, I was 5 years old, possibly the first person in Denmark ever to get the decease and I survived. The second one was Asthma that I had as a teenager and for 20 years nothing really has been wrong with my lungs. However I knew something was up in November when the symptoms started. Everything is slowly getting better, but I have literally put myself under housearrest. Yes. I have locked myself in my own house and my garden where I know my hypersensitive lungs are not reacting to anything wild. And that’s where I’ll stay for the time being. Healing.

Thank you for your wellwishes and comments across platforms – it truely means the world to me.

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Henriette, thanks for sharing. You are brave. Luckily enough the bits and bytes can’t affect your breathing! So at least you can be online. The blessings of digital! Will miss you in person though this year xoxo #Gleisdreieckforever

Henriette, two years ago they found a shadow in my brain. I spent 6 months in hospital and had to wait just as much to have an answer. What they were telling me was: you will at any time turn into a vegetable. Your brain will shut down and you will not have conscience of your existence any longer.

It took so hard on me that I went hallucinating, lost a very good friend for always and had a miscarriage for the hard stress. If you ever need to talk with a geek girl who has learnt to put priorities and friendship in the right order, I am always open to listen.

At times even when the good news arrive the journey is not over. Mine is not over, but I take it really seriously now, I do listen to my body, we are friends now. So really, if you need to ventilate, I am always at disposal, even if we are not close friends. We are human beings, worth enough.

Dear, sweet Henriette, please do indeed like you wrote and take the time to heal yourself. Your body complained, it’s really the time to listen. Everything else, mostly friends like me will be here waiting for your quick recovery as that is exactly the thing that would make us more happy than ever. A big BIG kiss filled with good healing energy!

Hugs and Love, Love and Hugs!

Take care sweetie, listen to your body and do everything that it tells you to do or stop doing. As Pedro said – we will be waiting for you, and in the meantime, we will think about you and your family. (Hi to them, btw)

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