Revitalizing The Blog: Life of Henriette Weber Now

First off, I haven’t written in here for years and I have been missing it. If you people have been wondering what Henriette Weber has been up to, well, I’ve been busy taking on fixed-term contracts as brand director and still do.

Having a place to muse on interesting ideas on whatever I see happening in the business world is just what I need. It gives me some concrete “no bullshit” advice with a combination of “whatever is on my mind”. A lot of stuff has happened. I have changed and grown a lot, you probably have too.

I don’t even know if people still read blog posts or articles, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will need this place again since I would consider myself an entrepreneur again=) This time around I will focus on products instead of clients and services. A fixed-term contract is landed and I am ready to go again. I still have room for another contract so let me know if you want to hire this badass brand director on fixed-term for around 10 hours a week.

I am planning on putting my old stuff online again such as books and freebies. And also, I am gonna be selling speaking gigs and brand workshops.

BUT – more about that soon. For now, it’s simply a small “hi!” from yours truly, Henriette Weber, with a promise of weekly activity in here.


Power To The World! – Spice Up Your Traffic To Old Blog Posts

spice up your traffic to old blogposts

I have been writing blog posts for quite some time now and I have been wondering how I could make it better, personal-wise, and branding alike.

You know that scene in the movie Spinal Tap. The one where the guitarist says that he’s the person in the world that can play the loudest guitar because Spinal Tap’s amplifiers go up to 11? “One louder, you know when you need that extra push over the cliff “?

If you haven’t seen it, it is right here.

I thought, “Hey I would love to amp up to 11 for my old blog posts”.  Or if you’re a mid-90s spice girl fan, giving more power to the world to makes your old stuff more accessible and searchable. There lies a huge project ahead for me, spicing up my 658 blog posts here on and using them more in the future. It’s particularly relevant now since everybody is talking about content marketing being the new big thing. I can’t figure out how content “marketing” hasn’t been the big thing since… 2003.. *cough..sarcasm..*cough.

Where am I now and where do I want to be as a brand?

How do my blog posts emphasize on this? When you’ve been writing blogs since 2005, things change. I am not the same I was ten years ago, and some of my first blog posts are absolutely cringe-worthy for me.

But, here are some parts of my plan to spice up my traffic to old blog posts.


So far I have been using the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress in order to make the blog posts more searchable online. For me, it’s the easiest way to see if the blog posts are SEO friendly. Two other plugins that were recommended to me is the SEO smart links plugin and the insights plugin.


– Doing different content series (where you make each blog post about a subject that is also a part of an even bigger subject) is something that I have used and consulted around frequently in my work.  Roundups, where you gather great inspiration from around the blogosphere (remember to share the link love though rockers!) and including old blog posts of your own, are super cool too.

I love ps. advice that was written about over on the nectar collective, because it makes so much sense to me to go against automatization and actually remember what you have written about this yourself before.

–  Another great idea is summing up your categories and tags in “best of” blog posts (or pages even?).  That will also get you cleaning up some of your blogs because whoever checks out tags and categories on their site? Not. me.

– Using old blog posts for newsletters content. Maybe even have an “oldie but a goodie” column as a part of your semi-weekly newsletter?

– Submit guest blog posts on the subject to different blogs.


Replace old images with new ones to make them pinteresting and to make them more share-worthy. Images are huge these days and so are videos.

Social media:

You could also define what ratio you want old posts vs. new posts on your social media profiles. I try to get a new blog post up on every weekday. And my estimate is that an old blog post or two a day wouldn’t hurt on my Facebook page, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.

Other places, which are hipper, more underground, and startup-like, would be Quora or Somewhere.

Pay for it:

Another option is that you can pay for it. Yes, it’s boring and mainstream but it is doable. Remember to define your call-to-action clearly though, which I always end up setting as a newsletter subscription. You can categorize your blog posts as series around given subjects and do an Adwords or Facebook campaign around those series.

rock on

Web Of Things Giveaway: Are You Dreaming Of Winning A Changer Starter Kit In-Time For Christmas?

Last month, when I was at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, I hung out a lot with Daniela Schiffer from Little did she know that I had a somewhat hidden agenda! That’s right, I’ve been snooping around. My hidden agenda was to get to try the changer starter kit out in the Nordics as one of the first web of things companies up here.

And I did. Actually I have a changer kit sitting on the outside of my rooftop window right now, in the sun generating sun for my phone/camera battery and the changer community (so they won’t mock me of my 1-watt sun generated a day – it’s minus 10 degrees up here and there’s not a lot of sun in Denmark in December).

It’s cool though because I have been telling the guys from why I root for them as one of the first successful consumer products to be the web of things. Their design skills are the same as those of Apple (an early stage Apple at least)’s.brilliant. And I can’t wait to see what it will progress into. One of the reasons I choose to be the Christmas giveaway is because they actually give you a hardcore incentive to change the world through their web of things.

It’s not just “don’t use as much water as you normally do”, or “don’t drive your car everywhere”. It’s simple: gather sunbeams and save electricity.

I love the action mode of it! (and the competitiveness of the community and their marketplace). This is turning into one of those poems about love or poems about digital love at least. Anyway, to the point:

Christmas is beautiful so I decided to do my ONE giveaway, today. But what an awesome giveaway it is. A changer starter kit to get you going on changing the world. You don’t even have to make the decision to purchase one of these “retailing-for-149-EUR” babies. Because I have one for you, right here at Toothless Tiger HQ.

To participate:

Drop a comment on this article and tell me how you’re planning on changing the world radically in 2013. Go all in. If you want to tell me how I’ve helped you get further away from mainstream business as well – go ahead and write that in the comments as well.

The giveaway ends on Monday. And I will let you know Tuesday morning who won and why.

To those of you who don’t win, do me a favor and put a starter kit on your wishlist for Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho from here.

Rock on!



Don’t Be Fooled By The Curls That I’ve Got, I’m Still Henriette From The Blog

Last week, I found out that my company, Toothless Tiger, and my personal website full of curls had its 7th birthday. I was blogging on Blogspot for a couple of months before buying the domain and turning into an army of me. A 7 year birthday is something to be proud of in these internet times where everything goes so fast.

I have always had a passion for the internet, relationships, and communities. But it was when my maternity leave ended that I first thought to myself: “Life is too busy living other people’s dreams”. Toothless Tiger and started out as playgrounds where I could document everything I wanted. It is where all my business revolutions, driven by 1-on-1 relationships on the internet, are documented.

A lot has happened since then. I’ve written several books, developed several creative tools for change, story living, and business unusual. I’ve also worked with a lot of really cool people. Got me a lot of dear internet friends.

I guess one could say I became a grown-up in the realm of this blog and Toothless Tiger. Sometimes I ask myself, “Is writing about Henriette the best way to spend a large part of my time?” And I must admit that yes it is. I see this as building a public legacy for my kids and family to come, documenting “Henriette” and my commercial thoughts. I see this as the personal part of Henriette Weber, my very own space to inspire, to tell stories, to rock, and to rant.

Wish me and my curls a happy birthday in the comments?

Blogging Business

A Link Love Manifesto: From My Creative Strategic Curls To Yours

I know that a lot of people are really happy euphoric about my newsletter here on I really try to do my very best by sending it out every 14 days. 2 weeks ago I wanted to try something new, to do a “photos only” newsletter. I know a lot of you, newsletter professionals, might shout at me very loudly now. But hey, I tried it and it actually worked pretty well and converted a bit more than usual.

Last week, somebody who received my newsletter decided to copy the concept into her own newsletter. It makes me euphoric because I am always happy to inspire, but I was kinda puzzled. She hadn’t linked to my website or at least mentioned where she got her “inspiration” from. I asked her about it and she said that she didn’t think I would be suited for the target group of her newsletter. Which is sad because, apparently, my ideas where more than good enough for them. Anyway, I don’t want to be bitchy about it so I decided to turn it into something like this instead. My personal link love manifesto for the whole internet to read:


most bloggers are ….

I had decided not to blog anything of Hugh’s anymore, since he doesn’t agree with me ! ( naaah just kidding Hugh is nothing short of brilliant.. )

anyway doesn’t bloggers and internet community remind you of past era’s and guilds where the tone had to be polite?

I must admit some of the bloggers I’ve met, I couldn’t stand them. but if they read my blog ? hey.. lets talk!

but if blogging could get people to stop screaming and shouting at each other in traffic.. hey that something !

don’t shout, argue… people!


bloggers vs. wiki

after the launch of Can I Crash ? I have been doing some research around bloggers and their use of wiki’s.

first thing I did was to check my mate Dragos Novac’s poll on

then I checked technorati for wiki Surveys – nada – nothing….

so im gathering information for a survey on bloggers on wiki’s – or more general, the usability of wiki’s when it comes to bloggers.

how can it be enhanced ?

it must be on the mind of wiki software people all the time…

I will post the survey shortly on toothlesstiger

stay tuned


salvor is trying to get more focus on the censorship at

Seems like Salvor has putted together a “Y-O-U-T-U-B-E” suppoert group at and it has over 400 members by now!

also deleted Salvors blog and account, only to reopen it later..

is this the way we see social network for the kids in the future ? fake profiles and advertisements ?

this is a picture of Salvors original blogpost:

another perfect example of advertisers and marketing taking over


I covered this issue earlier this week here


Arla to trial in Denmark – blogs used in a courtroom

Maja Møller of Arla foods ( the big bad dairy king of Scandinavia) is putted to trial in Denmark for having overused their domination on the danish market and locked out some small competitors.

the case is that the prosecutor states that ” Arla paid the distributor 200.000 kr ( about 35.000 USD) to stop selling a small competitors product”
Arla states that “they bought advertising in the distributors magazines for 200.000 kr”

Maja is puzzled whether she should blog the trial or leave it.

maybe the prosecutor will use her blog in trial then ? – but she chose to go for it ( good girl!)

has anyone experience with blogs possibly being used in trials ?

I will update you on how things goes


buzzwords of the blogosphere 2005

the buzzwords of blogs in general, I have found out is ( and probably will always be) “people” and “conversation” – which saves me a lot of time, because if I am podcasted at a conference or some of the participants ( anywhere) asks me “what I am doing in this specific venue” I end up answering ” people and conversation”. I think it adds blogging up pretty good. I want to specify it a bit more and throw “interconnectivity”, “passion”, “remarkability” and “research” in there too.

I have been a blogger since.. well Reboot 7, where I found myself standing in the midst of all these “crazy, passionate, intelligent and creative” people and didn’t know what to expect or who to talk to.

When I got home I found out that some of the people I had talked to had pretty “impressive” projects going on. I got dear friends and really good connections out of it.

A lot of things has happened since then. I quitted my at CBS – because there was no point in me being there.

so where do I/we from here in the blogosphere ?

In my point of view, I am sure you are going to see the blogosphere divided into clusters based on
1. professionalism
2. interests
3. people you would hang with if they lived in the same town as you

so is it basically the good’old highschool grouping we see here ? Maybe.. but it’s a network worth maintaining

and I think that Technorati and the rest of the blogsearch tools are going to evolve products that deals with the information overload of the rss feeds ( that we all have)

also I think that tools like Squidoo are really something special, because to me ( and I haven’t even got a lens yet) I can write down everything in my opinion that is cool, important and inspirational to me.

to me Squidoo is a cluster – once again Im not done playing with it – and I have hardly gotten around with it so much, so I can analyze it from anything else then my first impression!