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a christmas update from me on freelancing and life as a tiger.

This message has also been posted to all other social communities im in ( like a wildfire!) I haven’t been updating that much lately, and I am turning the website into something more than a blog ( basically because I haven’t prioritized the blog that much since I became a freelancer. So now – look out – Henriette is going to sum up everything I do in my work and personal life ( yeah it’s gonne be chaotic, but awesome in it’s own Henriette way)..

“So Christmas has finally entered the Weber household. Today I have an excuse of contacting all my fans around the globe.

Toothless Tiger has been my bread and butter since I got married ( to be exact since the 21st of may) and so far things are going really great. I have developed myself as a freelancer in ways I haven’t even thought about, I have become so much clearer on what I do and what I don’t do… and…

Today, I celebrate.

Why ?

because over the last couple of months I have been working hard to get a message across to the world. Both in form of a book, but also in form of a talk and an idea I have been working on for ages.

In addition to that my book is almost ready to be published, some of you know that people have actually placed bets on me being able to transform the danish publishing industry ( and maye the global)..

the story: My book was dumped by a publising house. After licking my wounds I found out again that I need to do everything myself. It’s hard to be a kick ass expert with no apperent need to compromise and become mainstream. Hence came Toothless Tiger Press into works. It is a publising house – with one eBook so far =)

Today I am on writing about rockband’ism. In addition to that, my small publishing house called Toothless Tiger Press has opened with it’s first eBook (my own) called “why every company should be a rockband”. I hope you will find your way to and read it =)

It’s such a thrill to me, to know that I have the support of you guys to actually change the business world.

Have a great christmas – next news from here will be when the big book is out ( working title is : online presence strategies – and the art of being where people are)…

hugs from a happy tiger !



entrepreneurship school : 6 weeks down the road.

I am still very much in love with my life as an entrepreneur and a freelancer. It rocks! and it rumbles..

My biggest fear is that I will be estranged from my family life because “mom/wife is working all the time” – Clients are happy and I think I might have developed a strong workethic. Even though everybody tend to want to get a hold of me most doing my dinner hours ( from 17 – 19 each day) which needs some moderation from my point, because otherwise I can’t get to do all my cookin’

I am currently working from my in-laws house in Aabenraa, which is about 300 miles away from CPH and I am sitting here in a comfy bear chair writing and blogging.

When I get back to Copenhagen I will give you your ears full about the new coworking copenhagen scheme which is not completely done and statemented but it will be soon =) I will be working from Østerbro around 2-3 days a week being much more productive – we are setting up an “office enviroment that is quite exceptional and connected” with a lot of different creative minds coming in on a daily basis =)…

As you probably have notised, my creativity is springing around like a kid in toyland and I love being able to be selfsustainable…

Oh and I have several trips out of the country coming up…

Also, I have had a proposal for accepted, so everybody go and vote for me ( and please tell your friends to vote for me as well =)

Next really big thing coming up is the raw material for my book which needs to be finished by August 1st… wuhu =)


entrepreneurship school : 2 1/2 weeks down the road

so.. Toothless Tiger is going really well ( big YEY). Which also means that Im blogging waaaay much more on the Toothless Tiger blog than here… This is my personal blog, but since Toothless pretty much is my personal life these days, much of the action is happening over there..

SO ! my first lesson in selftaught entrenpreneurship  is: I need to get out of here, I must find an office where I don’t have 1000 silly excuses for NOT working… I borrowed a desk from Troels the other day (at his office called basement) and I was highly effective… more effective than I am at home.

So now I am looking for desks… everywhere across the city of CPH… then I can’t do any napping, washing, singing etc or anything else during my workday…

One thing that I am really happy that I decided to invest in is highrise and  a free productivity tool called hiveminder

So I am still working on my workethics.. apart from that I am enjoying freelancing in a way that is extremely positive for me… this is what I was supposed to do..=)


developing workethics: first workday as a freelancer (and newly-wed)


So.. this is my first day as a freelancer (and first workday as newly-wed)… and there’s a lot to be taken care of. As I have previously written on this blog, Thomas has given me a lot of freelancing books on how to manage everything. I am currently looking into deploying a good workethic working at home.

So the first steps will be:

– No checking email except for lunch and after work

– using productivity tools to actually keep in mind what I should be doing (The last thing I do when the workday is over    is that I set new to-do’s for the day after

– no IM or Skype unless necessary

– no naps ( even though I love a good mid-morning nap)

I have an idea that this is going to be a freelance blog for a while now =) anyway, I hope you like my considerations