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Why do we need disruptive trends?

The business world is in dire need of diversification. Every brand has a need to stand out these days. Enter stage: disruptive trends. Think about what Patagonia has done with their ‘buy less’ strategy. Standing out has become one of the primary reasons for selling your products. If you’re good at spotting disruptive trends, you can get ahead of the competition. But if you’re great at implementing these trends you can hit a home run with your branding. You can save a gazillion dollars in marketing because you’ve already claimed the mind space of your clients and potential clients within that niche.

This means that businesses are becoming more creative and making more state-of-the-art/ cutting-edge products – in order to gain market share.

If you can define disruptive trends and show the business world what it will look like in 3 years there a good chance that you can get ahead of the game.

Books Trends

Screw Epic! I’m going for easy

I talked to a friend on the phone today and I told her that when the week began I had decided to make this a book writing week – my daughter is at my in-laws for a winter holiday so things are pretty quiet around here, which is awesome for writing. Anyway now it’s wednesday evening and  I had done a ton of restructuring, a ton of client work and business planning this week, but no book writing.  And then she said something:

” how about doing something that’s easy?” and I went

“what do you mean ?” then she said

“well everytime you do something you want it to be worldchanging in your perspective, just so you can look back at it in 2 years time, when everybody has come to terms with it and said “I told you so. If you wrote something that came easy to you it would be mindblowing in the present and you could do that in no time”…

I think she struck a very large chord within me, Im so obsessed going after the next megatrend so I can say “I told you so”… I don’t believe in writing stuff that’s not worldchanging, but I think my problem is that I don’t see how far ahead I am… So I chose to supply my worldchanging epic book that’s due in the fall with something easy for the spring. And I found out that easy for me, has a pretty good shot at being mindblowing, practical and current for a lot of people on the internet.

And I became humbled by her insights. Especially when she added “im in communication and marketing, and I just can’t keep up with you.. you are such a geek”…

Conferences Startups Trends

Let me hear you say “SoLoMo”

pic of the audience by Erno Hannink during Eric Schmidts talk at le web


So when I was sitting in front of the stage at le web day 2 – listening to the “money” panel – which normally is one of the Best discussions of le Web – if you Are a startup, I got that feeling again. the “omg I know now what to guide people and companies to do with their brands – digitalwise. Anyway the panel is five guys (who happens to be some of the worlds top venture capitalists) sitting on a couch talking about money in the startup World.

THIS IS KEY TO KNOW IF YOURE A STARTUP LOOKING FOR MONEY. Because they basically spill the deeds on what they are investing in – which to some extend also signals what will be developed in the startup community within the next couple of years.

They give it all to you- saying what it is they are looking for In a startup and what characteristica you need to have before you’re relevant to Them. Super important information.

This year they are saying “SoLoMo” – which also is the subject line for the le web conference. “SoLoMo” is an abbreviation for “Social”, “Local” og “Mobile”. So this is where the money primarily are going to be spend within the next 1 or two years. I think it’s an exciting trend because it holds a lot of possibilities – both offline and mobile – but not so much for the web. Can it really be that we are starting to develop more to connect people in general instead of developing for the web ? I think so. is the World Wide Web on a decline? Maybe not so much yet – but something tells me that it’s a very likely scenario in the near future. that is kind of exciting.

I saw this presentation today on google + about lean-back media and the shock of the old:


presentation from emmaturner

Which I also think says something very relevant about the offline/local/mobil transition.
Could it be that laptops will turn more and more into an advanced typewriter where all the reading and the playing and interacting is done on tablets ? a likely scenario again =)

Anyway a huge pointer from here – and a real exciting one.





The exclusive web, the influencers and the exclusive startups

For the last couple of months is seems like the web is turning more exclusive and I don’t know what to make of it. It was only a couple of years back everybody had their own handle online and it wasn’t really resembling anything you did away from the screen – You could hide behind the handle and no one had to know what you real name was. That has changed in a large way.

This weekend I was mentoring mobile startup weekend copenhagen, and a lot of the teams there had “personal information” about people as their business model. Maybe not making money selling it, but making money because personal information is currently becoming the currency of the web.

The new cool kid in town is not only personal information, ratings of your influence defined by your personal information, in ways that companies like klout and peerindex can’t tell to the public, but they seem pretty sure it’s accurate. I have written about them before on this blog and in general I don’t like it because it becomes generalizing and it seems like the scores are made without a context, I don’t know because they wont tell me.  If they could at least tell me what I am measured up against. So now we are not only handles or personal brands anymore, now we are influencers. Influencers that are important and knows other influencers.

This morning on twitter I saw something that could mean the coming of the exclusive web. You can now make a Klout Coupon for your facebook page (high klout scores gets Audi Wallpaper.. tsk tsk.. ) and decide that some people with high kloutscores might see some content on the facebook page, where others (with lower kloutscores) see something else. The discussion is already raging about buying influence.

On another note it looks like startups are also turning more luxurious and exclusive.. at least it seems like with some of them you have to invite your friends to get an invite to a-yet-not-launched service.

I would never do that. I might tweet it though. It feels like you’re asking me to disrespect the people I am connected with by recommending stuff to them that I don’t know what is. They are real people you know?

Is it just me or does the web become very discriminating and disrespectful if you start to display different kinds of content to people, depending on their klout score ? Doesn’t the “human” and social parts of the internet sound a tad hollow now ? are you still going to be human (for marketing, branding and identity purposes naturellement) but  selective about people?

I guess what’s bothers me most is the disrespect and the ground on what it is based.

“You have to invite this and this number of friends to sign up for our service, otherwise other people will get first in line”

“If you have a high kloutscore you can get free wallpaper from audi on audi’s facebook page”

I think companies should start doing some cool creative concepts instead of turning exclusive – it’s an old card and it’s as used as celebrities in your campaigns and I personally don’t fall for it.


Startups Trends

My takeaways from Copenhagen Startup Weekend

Picture by Jeppe Liisberg

I used half my saturday mentoring Copenhagen Startup Weekend.  It was crazy cool and left me floatin’ on a creativity trip, just from spending around 5 hours at the venue, together with the teams and the organizers. I can imagine how much inspiration the team members have gotten from a weekend filled with executing ideas. Anyway I got to mentor 5 ideas and the concept behind all of them was great.  I’m hoping that they all would be executed well and be some of the cool startups of tomorrow – like some startups emerged from last year (cough Memolane and Planely cough).  So this was where I saw that the teams I mentored where heading.

Using “online” to create convenient offline services

Actually, when I think of it, most of the teams weren’t doing communities on the internet or social websites, they where using online connections to create convenience in the real world. The talk was more on apps, RFID tags and censors then on “building the next facebook for xx”. I was happy because I’ve gotten a bit put off lately by the amount of web services that saw themselves as the next facebook (or facebook for businesses).

The idea was all about the end-users

No matter if it was a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer idea, it was all about the end-users. Involving them in ways that could make you collect data from them, and create a win-win situation for you (smarter companies) and for them (more relevancy and substance in the interactions with the companies).

Most of the ideas were built on visions of making the world a better place

Again it was about convenience but the drive came mostly for making the world fitter and happier.  I love when it’s not all about the money – I mean, money is fantastic, but the love I have for people who want to change the world is enormous.

I left Startup Weekend confirmed in my own hunches for the future, inspired and filled with enthusiasm for the teams – I’m sure they will do extremely well.



Community Customer experience Trends

Goodbye delicious! hello pinterest and evernote

Today I decided that I would move all my bookmarks from to pinterest and evernote.

It’s a good way of going through all of them and see which ones are keepers which ones has to go, which ones are broken links and which ones are hopelessly outdated compared to who I am today – au contraire to who I was 5 years ago. it’s good fun really. Pinterest is somebody that I have researched a lot, especially since my work with fashiolista. I really digg the flow of pinterest and I think they’re spot onto something right and something that makes websites and the internet seem less linear. I digg that. it’s doesn’t look as much as a catalog or a magazine as it’s more like instant inspiration. I so want to be a part of that community and I am now…

The things that I don’t want to share with the world goes to my bookmark folder on evernote. Ciao Delicious –  I might pop by for occasional research for clients though.

Conferences Startups Trends

Epic web stuff going on at Le Web in Paris

(me on stage the day before the conference started-w00t =)

If I should put one word on  le web in Paris this year this year (also called le web 10), it would be Epic web.  I’m actually an official blogger for the conference, but I’m cookin’ up more stuff in danish than in english on that account.

However, I didn’t want to leave you guys out of all the fun here on

For one of the first times in 5 years I have really gotten a strong feeling (as somebody referred to as the “reboot7” feeling) from a tech conference.

Don’t get me wrong,I go to a lot of conferences, and most of them are very well organized, but nothing has ever come close to the feeling I got from reboot7 in Copenhagen in 2005. Reboot7 was lifechanging for me, and leweb10 is going to be as well. So it’s right up there together with the best. I wish you all could have been there.

So, you’re probably thinking, “that all sounds well and good, but why is that? what did it have that other conferences didn’t? Well I have a sense for change, and just as I did at reboot7, I smell epic web revolution at Le Web. There was so many strong indicators that we are heading on from an internet focused on social tools, to actually starting using them to change/save the world (and not just hanging out on twitter all day).

There was so many strong messages from really strong companies and people. Like when Better Place they said that their mission was to end oil. Like when the CEO of Renault said that the car industry was f***ed if they didn’t find a way to make the car a family pet again, and they are doing it with their 100 {5efe2dfab989fd5e1401261f36f469c26e78ec7db6dd6d3e4b43ca097ae6fc54} electrical car.Like when Gary Vaynerchuk said that every time you got asked what the ROI of social media was, you should answer “that it’s the same as the ROI of your mom”.

You can say that it might not be the the conferences fault that I got this feeling, but the program was so well designed with thought-leaders, so you couldn’t help to feel it in the air.   It’s the strongest indicator I have gotten for the beginning of a new era of the web in a while.

It was such an awesome experience to be at and feel le web 10, and I am honoured to have been a part of it.

I needed this outburst to you all. I will put more tendencies in my next newsletter, and possible also something that’s a little more down to earth I know I tend to fly high some times, but the next wave is just about to burst, I can sense it=)


Twitter, Jaiku and Roskilde Festival 3 years down the road

Today I am heading down to Roskilde Festival – a place I have visited at every opportunity I’ve had since 1997. Anyway this year there’s a lot of connectedness tools going on down there (foursquare camp, tweetups etc.) and I will attend as much as it as I can.  It’s awesome sitting here looking on twitter at the #rf10 tag and see what people are doing down there – I can’t wait to participate myself.

At Roskilde Festival 2007 I worked with a client of mine – one of my favorite webapps of all time (and I may still add, in my opinion used to be superior to twitter as a microblogging tool), and one of my favorite clients of all time. We tried to set up to use as a part of the “roskilde community” site (before it was integrated in the overall site=). I think we where around 30 people using jaiku at Roskilde 2007. It was good fun.  I remember @shevy and @aj42 and @wendelboe and I tried to plan a meetup – it was really hard though because the jaiku client drained our phones of batteries.

This year – three years down the line, things have changed and the apps are everywhere – the online/offline relations are booming and it’s a joy for me to see -  My only problem is that if I bring my iphone I will run out of batteries in a day or two. I am thinking about bringing a really old nokia instead – but then I will miss out on all the geolocated fun.

It seems like the collective education of the crowd when it comes to social apps has come so far, where as in my camp 3 years ago people where sitting and asking if I was a reporter or why I was fiddling with the phone all the time. When I said that I was updating the internet they looked puzzled to say the least. Today I don’t think anyone will ask that question. It’s a part of people’s behaviour nowadays. Even though some of it are slightly geeky, the 3 people who asked me questions about “updating the internet” will probably poke a person or two on facebook or send a tweet.

It’s amazing how fast the collective education of the crowd has gone. I wonder where we will be in 3 years =)

by the way – this blog is probably going to be quiet while I am down there – I will however upload pictures to my flickr, so you can have your daily share of me (if you miss me too much=)


Changing the name of the blog (again)

So this morning while I was pulling my daughter on a sleigh to the kindergarden – I thought about it being time for me to change the name of the title of the blog. The old title has been there for a while now (I think ruffly  3 years ?) and looked like this. I totally recall that I was so inspired by my film studies and film history that I wanted it to be something with Avant-garde and the belle epoque. It’s something that I firmly believe we still are living – other people call it a paradigm shift – which it also is, but I think “la belle epoque” is so much more glamourous, creative and me =).

Before I had that title, this blog (which has almost always been placed at – apart from 2 months to begin with) was called “only the real is unreal” which was me totally rambling about anything. While i still do that from time to time I think it’s important to evolve the blog as much as you evolve over time…

Hence, new blog title – oh and a lot of other cool new things coming up as well.

Books content marketing Trends

My process of writing my first book


Today I write history – well a little bit of my own history that calls for champagne, dancing and a bunch of laughter- I uploaded the free introduction to my book called “return on involvement – how to use the social web to create business unusual” (in danish only so far – sorry non-danishspeaking people). The book in itself is going to be available for purchase medio june. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the process of writing this sucker =). It started out in January 2008 where I decided that I needed to put all my thoughts on the social web and business down in a structured format – which became known in my head as “the book”.

When the first draft of the book was finished – A danish publising house contacted me because they where curious about the book. We arranged for a meeting, and after a couple of meetings – they decided they wanted to publish it – i was exstatic for a while but my smile soon faded. The book they wanted my book to be, where not the book that I had written.
they wanted a how-to book on social tools
I wanted to write a book about why social tools are necessary and what effect they can have on business – which meant no deal, they called it off first, but I am glad they did today.

A couple of days after I decided to do my own publishing house – Toothless Tiger Press , mainly because I could not see what my former publisher could provide me with at high cost, that I could buy myself and with a greater gain in the end. I don’t really think we are going to be having that many big publishing houses anymore – to me, what I have encountered that a publishing house does – doesn’t really have a place in todays world of connectedness on the internet. You have to transform and you have to transform big time. =) Toothless Tiger Press has been used as a platform for my own (only) free ebook on rockbandism so far.

In January I decided to add two more chapters to the book, in february the first round of editing started, march 2nd round of editing and in April my hands where off the manuscript and I could leave it in the hands of my excellent editor for the 3rd round of editing. These days it’s having it’s final layout, a last round of editing and then it hits the bookstores in Denmark. Meanwhile I have hired someone to translate it all to english – so you english speaking people won’t wait long ( we are talking mid-september or someting here)..

The absolutely hardest part for me, has been to let go of the book. In this area of work you can continue to work on it forever and ever. It was my wonderful husband who told me that if I didn’t stop adding stuff to this book he would go insane – and I really couldn’t have that on my shoulders. I am one of those people who are so terribly afraid of being un-original and not-that-genuine at all. So I really wanted to do my best. I think it has it – a bit of everything that I believe to be important, combined with a couple of why? how-to’s and best practice.

I hope you will all enjoy it when it launches both in danish and english !