I Am Henriette

What do YOU believe in?

I do, to my very core, believe in business as a force for good. My mission here is to elevate and teach the world, and it’s rockers (yes that’s you) how to build sustainable impactful brands.

I am into the combination of business, social impact, substance, and spirituality.

I live to do everything in my power to help humans who work in businesses to take the social responsibility upon themselves to help solve some of the grand challenges of this world. I see myself as a corporate activist, a business rebel, and a spiritual seeker.


I am a big advocate for everybody using their unique gifts to help themselves and the world heal.

When I am not rockin’ out here on henrietteweber.com, I am a +Social Good Connector under UN foundation as well as a part of boards for several startups such as 2030 builders, Aim Robotics, and TrailSense.

I have trained in the digital field for ages (+15 years of experience as a digital strategist, working on the external factors of my clients and employers, and have vast experience in cross-platform marketing, communication, branding and I am seen as a well.. ‘no-bullshit’ leader in my field.

I have been nominated and named one of the thought leaders in innovation, disruption, creativity, startups, and entrepreneurship in Denmark, Scandinavia, and Europe. 

I am regularly featured in media as an expert on digital marketing and tendencies, both as an entrepreneur and as a leading woman in tech.

I am the bestselling author of the self-published Danish book “Return on Involvement” as well as a contributor to several danish and internal books. Also, I am the mother of several creative business concepts, ideas, and magazines such as ‘rockbandism’, ‘storyliving’, and ‘Geek Girl magazine’. I also brought Barcamp, Geek girl meetup, and Social Media Club to Copenhagen.

I have written advice and trend based pieces for major tech and business outlets such as the next web, mashable and techcrunch.

I have been on the international speaking circuit speaking about disruptive thinking, concepts, branding, and how businesses should show the world who they really are.

Want to read my personal bio? I call it ‘my game of life’

Henrietteweber.com is my home on the web and where my blog resides (opened in June 2005).