let me hear you say YEEEAAAH !

always wanted to do that headline, so here it is..

tell me all your old handle’s and I will tell you mine..

in the old internet days ( I guess we are talking 1996) I started out chatting ( like all other danish teenagers) at

my very first handle was “cuppa” ( it’s english slang for cup of .. something.. )
then along came “gandour” ( an arabic chewing gum.. lasted for years.. )
then I switched to “Evelyn Normal” ( also my alter Ego on stage in my punk band …were in 1999 now)
then came “Pippi Carlas largas ” ( or Pippi Longstocking if you will)
then I switched back to “Evelyn Normal”
then I became “touteencore”
then “redsoda”.. which I still am most places on the net…
then back to Evelyn Normal”
now I call my self Go Kitty Go.. or Redsoda or Evelyn Normal.. she will always be a part of me I guess..

so what are your handles ?

corporate activism

GMO according to politicians and corporations

It seems like politicians and corporations like monsanto are the only instances who claims that GMO is not dangerous.
I remember I saw a program on BBC about GMO and it scared me. There are soo many things in GMO that hasn’t been researched.
Did you know that if you used GMO to create bigger salmons – and the GMO salmons got out into the real “wilderness” the real salmons would be instinct within two years.

Why ? because the female salmons is attracted to the biggest and most beautiful male salmon, meaning that the GMO salmon ( because it’s bigger and probably also shinier) would out-conquor the real male salmons.

and this is just some of the points that has been researched.I wonder where we are heading. I am not supporting GMO ever though.


do geeks eat sushi ?

Since I have launched a Copenhagen geek dinner , I have had many comments – some went some ” well geeks don’t eat Sushi “…

I eat sushi !

Im not a geek though, or am I ?


let’s see when you enter ITU ( IT- University Copenhagen) with a copy of William gibson’s “Pattern Recognition” in your bag and don’t want start reading it because you might appear to geeky. Well maybe you are a geek.

anyway I don’t like to be stereotyped.

When I was 15 I was the biggest Nirvana fan on earth
When I turned 17, all that mattered to me was NIN and electronic punk
19, hmm goth period.
21, indie chick
25, übergeek/marketing/networking female with one child and a happy relationship..

let’s face it. I will never be mainstream. And maybe I am a geek.. who cares ?


Copenhagen Geek Dinner 28th of October

is launched !

the venue is going to be one of the “letz sushi“restaurants – thanks to Louise for making this happen
the menu or the price is not available yet. it depends on if we are going to be 50 or 5 people.

the dinner style is “meet ‘n’ greet.. so no key speakers.. just meeting people and making contacts.

Hosted by me and

sign up here

content marketing

how to make photo sharing mainstream

I have been doing a lot of thinking about photo sharing lately.
Plain simple down to earth revolution.
I have been challenged to do thinking about getting photo sharing out to the masses – or the “general public” so to speak.
How would you do this best?

You have to make photo sharing common or mainstream.

You would want to make it local.
Im not talking Denmark here.
Im talking nitty gritty cities in the outskirts of Denmark .
BBQ parties, concerts, conferences, babies.

Following upcoming rockbands on tour.

How do you make it common and local?


Creativity Ideas Trends

Enjoying the silent revolution

Let me introduce the “silent revolution”

We are a part of something big.

A silent revolution happening inside of people. It’s not aggressive. It’s simplicity and creativity. It is where society is currently heading.

Terms such “blogging”, “own logo”, “sharing”, “crafting” are in high demand here.

The information overload and the input is simply too much!

Brand value? –  give us products that work!

Make filters. We need to handle information, materialism and save the world.

Isn’t that a business idea for you?

Anyway, I am already unloading. Making my everyday diversified from my workday by meditating with my family. Resting in myself to handle stress.

ps. this was my first blogpost written about this, – you can read more about it here in the manifesto, my theory about the Silent revolution part 1, my theory part 2, and lastly, my theory part 3.

Customer experience

Søstrene Grenes katastrofale kundeservice

Først af alt, vælger jeg at betegne nedenstående som et meget charmerende karaktertræk hos mig, evig klodset, evig komisk..

Jeg var taget hele vejen til Fields idag for at købe et STORT lærred i Søstrene Grene til et maleri jeg har lovet at lave til en veninde… så jeg tager min micra hvor der før har været kæmpe lærreder i. Endda sammen med en veninde og en baby på bagsædet. MEN idag kunne jeg simpelthen ikke få det ind i bilen, ligegyldigt hvordan jeg vendte og drejede det…

Så tænkte jeg at jeg bare kunne gå op og få pengene retur… hvilket jeg prøvede.. men nej.. selvom det var 3 minutter siden jeg købte det store lærred, selvom jeg havde bon’en og selvom jeg ikke kunne komme hjem med mit lærred – så tog “søstrene Grene” ikke varer retur. så heldigvis tilbød min veninde at tage metroen hjem til hende selv ( med lærredet ) og køre ud til mig i hendes citron farvede citroen berlingo..

men helt ærligt søstrene grene ? I kunne da godt have gjort en undtagelse ?

Så søstrene grene er hermed officielt på min boykot liste.

så vil jeg hellere betale dobbelpris for et lærred af bedre kvalitet i Tutein og Koch..

Entrepreneurial life

geekdinner in Copenhagen 28. of october

I want to make a geekdinner in Copenhagen on the 28th of October. I haven’t figured out where the venue is or the special guest. nor have I set up a geek dinner wiki yet.. all to come.

OHH and if you can’t wait to sign up for partitioning.. email me at henriette at !…

hoping to see all the danish geeks there !


Manifesto for technological common sense

I am Currently working on a crossborder cultural project with Jens-Christian aiming to promote common sense in technology. Putting a “right” and “wrong” to different actions one may take on the internet. SPAM would be wrong.

The difficulty here is maybe my own morality. I’m thinking “who am I to tell people how not the misuse other people ( or their inboxes or blogs)”

I think there is a use for this. It is going to make more people happy.

I am doing a manifesto for technological common sense. I have done quite many so far, this one is really hard – because, in its essense, its a very unmanageable issue.

this is not a religion – even though it is a ruleset. it is not a movement – even though it seeks supporters.



Toothless Tiger – we only build cool stuff

TK and I have since the birth of our baby girl referred to her as a “toothless tiger”. It suits her very well. Because she seemed dangerous even though she didn’t have any teeth. Now she’s just a curly tiger, with teeth, and she bites occasionally.

BUT Mads Christensen (one of the it-men in danish fashion) used the term to describe a “man who has had all the guts taken out of him – by his girlfriend”… a man who is a shadow of himself in his relationship. How tragic is that ? Hold on to yourself for dear life – man, no matter how many women tries to alter you.

and NO I am not talking about putting the toiletseat up after use, or not doing the dishes or leaving the door open. I am talking about men who has changed their priorities completely.

OHH yeah.. toothless tiger is also the name of our design studio. When it is up and running.. the criteria for toothless tiger is “we only build cool stuff”. Sounds good ?