Revitalizing The Blog: What The Life of Henriette Weber Looks Like Now.

First off, I haven’t written in here for years and I have been missing it. If you people have been wondering what Henriette Weber has been up to, well, I’ve been busy taking on fixed-term contracts as brand director and still do. Having a place to muse on interesting ideas on whatever I see happening in the business world and give some concrete ‘no bullshit’ advice on the combination of ‘whatever is on my mind’. A lot of stuff has happened. I have changed and grown a lot, you probably have too.

I don’t even know if people still read blog posts or articles, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I will need this place again since I would consider myself an entrepreneur again=) This time around I will focus on products instead of clients and services. A fixed-term contract is landed and I am ready to go again. I still have room for another contract so let me know if you want to hire this badass brand director on fixed-term for around 10 hours a week.

I also plan on putting my old stuff online again: books and freebies, as well as selling speaking gigs and brand workshops.

BUT – more about that soon. For now, it’s simply a small “hi!” from yours truly, Henriette Weber, with a promise of weekly activity in here.