Is busy a marker of importance?

I used to be busy. All the time.

I used to think that busy meant important.

I couldn’t bear to look at the signs – telling me that I had taken the wrong turn and that I was too busy.

There was only one option to me, and that was that I had to be important so I could be busier. I had to have more clients.

But busy isn’t a marker of importance.

Busy is a marker of stress. It’s a marker of thinking too much about things that doesn’t matter that much when everything comes together. The only thing important? The only things that matter when everything comes together is you, your health and your family.


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Return on Involvement = return on investment

A couple of month back I was invited to do a KEA talk on “return on involvement = return on investment” at Copenhagen Commerce Academy. It’s kind of like their own version of TED talks and I really digged it. I decided just to be me and let things come to me naturally knowing that the universe had got my back. The feeling I had after the talk was amazing and that’s always how I deem my success as a public speaker on digital tendencies and strategies, branding, involvement and social media. If I don’t feel amazing or good afterwards then I’m not pleased.

Return on Involvement = return on investment

Public speaking has always been a mystery to me. Seriously, it was one of the reasons I started Toothless Tiger. Suddenly companies was calling me to hear me speak on blogging (like 9 years ago). But I never really liked it much as a business artform, I liked writing much better, but I know that you need to do both to generate as much content around you as possible – Online as well as offline.

I met a fantastic lady at a private event a while back and she was telling me that one of the talks I did, that I thought was the worst ever (really I think it was so bad) she said that it had been a highlight for her. I told her that, in my opinion it was rock bottom when it came to public speaking for me. It could only get better from there.

Somewhere after that I decided that no matter if I was nervous or I thought I did amazing, the messages came across really well and people loved it.

I decided to be me and channel whatever was coming through me, this time on the subject of involvement. Doing some sort of structure in my head and go with it and not attach myself to a presentation. Because that’s not my thing. It confuses me more than it does me good.



Cindy Gallop is rockin’ up “action branding” for you

Pressphoto of Cindy from

A couple of weeks back I was at the London Web summit- a day conference in London about the web and everything related.  I was really lucky to get to talk to the iconic Cindy Gallop about her field of work : Action branding – Something I myself am wildly inspired by.  I think it’s so important, especially if you’re on a quest to make the world a bit better day by day, from your point of view and as a business unusual activist.

Cindy did an amazing talk at the summit, on her work with her make love not porn startup – a website you have to visit and an utterly important message to both incorporate yourself, but also to teach the children of tomorrow.

Anyway I wanted to talk to her about her work with action branding and her company if we ran the world. Before heading off to London Web Summit, I read up on her, and found out that she, amongst other things was deemed one of the most accomplished and authentic people by Leslie Bradshaw in this  8 page long article for Forbes ( it’s a must-read peeps – trust me=)

According to Cindy – what makes a brand sexy is it’s willingness to take chances. She believes that business being driven by personal philosophies is viable strategy for the economy of the future-  which, if I may add 2 cents of Henriette Weber – also brings my beloved substance to a brand. If you take chances and drive your business by personal philosophies, you’re actually being the change you want to see in the world. Cool n’est pas?

Right now we have a lot of human and corporate good intentions that never gets put into action – for the sake of running a business. We’re so busy running businesses, and yep, running a business is an artform in itself, but we need to have the good intentions incorporated – as actions- naturellement.

If you listen to Cindy (including reading up on her amazing body of work, I’ve listed my favorite links in the bottom of this article) you quickly figure out that her message is to make “good intentions put into action” a huge part of the core of the business. In fact, I take that back, it’s not “just” a message, it’s more of a directive for survival of your company.

We need something  she calls micro-actions – the equivalent of 140 characters, but where you don’t just talk – in addition to the talking you actually act on something. It give me a feeling of “enough of co-creation – let’s start to do some co-action” instead  (which Cindy also mentioned)- it’s a much more powerful tool – and a tool that I personally think we will see being much used in the future.

So if you where to take it from Cindy – what parts of your personal philosophies could you implement at the core of your business and create action and branding around ?

I’ve checked up on the core of and Toothless Tiger myself and even though I think it’s well aligned, I think it’s a checkup that everybody should do of their business – you always find something- right ?

Anyway here’s some more Cindy rockn’roll:

her talk from ted ’09 on make love not porn

her masterclass on the future of advertising – an hour of brilliance

her 3 min manifesto on adweek

4 tips she gave to

in addition, I believe she’s one of the first people I’ve had on who also has been featured on    and on Dwell because of her rocking black apartment =) nice





Creativity Identity + purpose

Buzzword Bingo won’t get you where you want to go

If buzzwords end up being something you’re using as a value, you can really move mountains within your industry. You will finally be able to show that you practice as you preach. We have seen it various times with different businesses and startups that have dared to be <insert favorite buzzword here> as a part of their identity, marketing, and branding.

However, I get so tired of these huge words thrown at me as if it was something you could fix in 5 minutes and get on with your life. It makes them diluted, and it makes me cringe – because I’m left standing on some random streetcorner saying. “I’m sure that’s not what they meant when they started to talk about authentic businesses or involvement onsocial media”.

So even though you probably get a fair amount of buzzword bingo at your job every day, I can surely say – it’s not the ones that have fast buzzwords coming out of their mouth that really cracks the code for bringing in money through a digital sales funnel, it’s the one that works around it and implements it as a value. And not just on a strategic level – throughout the whole organization.

You need to take your buzzwords and create your own good sh*t around it – define what it means to you and to your colleagues. Practice as you preach, rockers.

Identity + purpose

The most annoying person on linkedin

There’s this man.. let’s call him mr. X – everytime I see him out and about on the social web, I start to studder, my face turns red and I get infurious. Especially when he’s communicating in some linkedin groups. Sometimes I even think so high about myself that I think “he’s not supposed to be using it like that” or “what is he trying to cover up”. He is, in my eyes, the most annoying person on linkedin. I would even name him “mr. most annoying person on linkedin” and give him a tiara and stuff. Because he annoys me so incredibly much. I’ve just stopped interacting with him – really. Just cut him out of my ecosystem. The thing is that I like people way better when they approach me and tell me what it is that they want to sell, instead of trying to wrap it into something more hypotetical subject-y thing – if they do it badly. I love the art of selling through creativity and selling through network and mind. But if you do it badly and if people (or I) can see through it all the time. Things like writing into every group “so what’s best facebook pages or linkedin company pages” and then in the comment area just keep highlighting himself over and over again. And he just clearly shows that he might be reading all these cool blogs and books, but he doesn’t have an opinion about any of these things. He just keep stating the obvious – very boring and not personal at all. Sometimes he want’s to discuss autenticity and building a brand because of who you are – and he’s not even likeable or present and he’s mean to people. What a joke. So he: – don’t have anything important to say – don’t really speak his mind about anything, but just re-saying what has been said by real  cool people and stating the facts – highlight himself everywhere Do you know him? He’s the guy I don’t want to be like. He’s the guy that if you’d ever put me in the same room, then I would leave. Because I can see right through him and I don’t see anything interesting. He just seems like a shell. I guess that’s my point. I don’t like shells without anything in. I love substance. As you can see this blogpost is not about him – it’s really about me, it’s about seeing what’s triggering my feelings and my bad temper out on the social web. To some people I might be the most annoying person out there? Scary. but I think it’s important to turn things around like that and say “what is it that triggers me to feel this way”. have a great weekend rockers=)

Identity + purpose

Why do you fail to show who you really are?

Suddenly you get this urge inside of you thinking “that wasn’t my point” or “that’s not me”. Face it: you feel misunderstood by your surroundings. You’ve failed to show who you really are. Here’s what probably happened:
-You haven’t communicated clearly.

-You portraited yourself more like a supermarket than a cool startup through your ads.

-You thought for a brief moment that personality wasn’t key to begin with, and you decided to go ahead without making your branding human.

– You’ve gotten some really bad advice from a mediocre agency where they said it was more about selling xx product, than showing who you are + giving relevant and valuable input to your surroundings. They where wrong.

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Give your point of view, because you can – damn it =)

I was at a Marina and the Diamonds concert yesterday. It was a mixed experience but overall it was really good inspiration – anyway she did a cover version of starstrukk at the concert that I previously listened to online.

it goes a littl’ something like this:

Now – until today, I haven’t heard the “real” version and I was awestruck at how different it where. It’s not my type of song at all.

I think the cover version by Marina is so much better. Sometimes songs and content in general can be interpreted differently by who’s saying it and how they have added their own point of view. What are you waiting for ?

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There’s no excuse for sucking online anymore


We have so many online tools today. Basically I would claim that we have the tools to make us look as great online as we do offline these days. What you need to work on then, is how you look offline. It’s not about the internet anymore, it’s not about how we appear. It’s about what we truely and really are. Inside out. Outside in. There’s no excuse for sucking online anymore – everything is possible here. Now go work on yourself guys – that is where you will make the biggest difference – also online.