Identity + purpose

How your google search adds to your brand

I must be honest with you, I haven’t done enough of optimizing my stuff to be searchable on google. It’s not something I think about. I don’t spend a lot of time googling myself.

But for the sake of your amusement, I just googled myself.

And I really came to think of that what it says about me out there, is how a lot of people who is curious about what I do, might find me. Or people who has heard my name or knows about my work around companies, social media, identity, viral effects and coolness.

I only googled myself this time and this site ( came up first (luckily – it really should). I think my google search gives a good view of what has been written about me and what I do in my professional life – but still not quite. How do you read a googlesearch ? I mean so I have a lot of links about me – big deal – a lot of it is simply noise and not relevant about me. Something I have signed up for, or an interview I did years ago, is suddenly on the 2nd page of my googlesearch and I really haven’t thought about having that video clinging on to my google foot for the rest of my digital life.

but then I decided to find out how my google search really was adding to the perception of me. So I read the first 4 pages in the search results and noted down the words that was stated the most in connection with “henriette weber”.

1. it says social media/ social web

2. it says return on involvement

3. there’s a lot of links to social networks (facebook, twitter and linkedin as the primary)

4. it says toothless tiger and viral/marketing/branding

5. rockbands and rockbandism

6. blogger/geek girl meetup and jaiku came up a bit too

So I guess it’s a pretty good picture of the professional side of me and it adds to my brand. One of the things I realised is that I have to be much sharper on my words around my name on the internet. I suggest you do too, because it does give a perception and you really want that to be correct. I will keep that in mind for the future.

Another thing, one that I found quite annoying was that some of the big communities – that doesn’t really say anything about me, popped up in my search because I have a profile there. It just said “henriette weber is on facebook/kforum twitter” something that doesn’t really say anything – apart from that I have a profile in a lot of communities.

But ask yourself this: how do you want to be perceived on google – what needs to be attached to your brand? It’s definitely going to change how I introduce myself digitally, also in videos that are going to be 4 years old at some point =)

Identity + purpose

Is Lady Gaga’s identity created by the internet ?

photo by fuckdelacroix

disclaimer: I wrote this article about Lady Gaga’s identity a couple of weeks back on my Danish blog on erhvervsbladet. People where really happy about it, so I decided to share it here as well, in English naturellement =)

Why is Lady Gaga the only artist in the US who has to hold concert after concert? when artists such as Rihanna, Christina Aguiliera and John Mayer has to cancel concerts because the audience is too small ?

What is it she promises us ? what is it we’re aligning with ? who do people want to be categorised as “little monsters” (as she calls her fans and whom she communicates with via twitter, facebook etc.)

Why is she the only living artist in the world that has more than 10 million “likes” on facebook, people who has chosen to be continuously updated several times a day about her ? (sources are saying that she’s on the verge of topping Michael Jackson on facebook)

How can she sell 40 million records in no time ? is it because she communicates well, is it because she has important messages and good songs ? Yes. Partly

But the most important is her identity, and how her continuous story is building on it, day by day. We can see ourselves in her. and no matter if we like it or not,we have to take a stand, because she’s there in our consciousness. There’s always something she’s touching in people, and she does things that artists normally don’t do. She reaches out in ways that are grounded in normally and have nothing divaesque about it, fx. when she bought pizza for a lot of starving fans waiting for her autograph you don’t just talk about her music, but all the stuff that has been builded with her identity in focus, behind the music. The iconic self promotion, the art and whatever it is that makes us identify ourselves with her.

It’s really not about what you sing/say. it’s about what you do.

The internet might not be the main cause behind Gaga’s identity, greatness and art. But I am very sure it’s the accelerator and the machine. The internet is really just a tool. But the biggest tool I have ever seen. Delivering great content in a good way.

ps. check this presentation out about “10 ways to become a marketing genius like Lady Gaga” – If you are inspired and want more=)

pps. I decided to add this video around a half year after I wrote the blogpost, it’s a 1h15mins interview with Gaga at Google and it rocks =)


What you’re selling isn’t necessarily what people are buying

Sometimes sales processes mystify me – it’s something I have looked upon for the last couple of months and it’s something that intrigues me. One of the conclusions I have reached for myself in this process, is that sometimes what your selling isn’t necessarily what people are buying. Have you ever done a purchase not with the product in mind, but because you could identify so well with the person behind the product? Because you wanted to get to know them ?

When I was in college there was a girl that kept copying me. She did not have her own sense of fashion at that point, but she had way more money than me, and could spend it as she pleased.

So one day when I came to school (and I will never forget that day) she was sitting in class, having the same curly haircut as me (she wasn’t curly haired at all before), same haircolor and she wore the shoes that I had sworn where the first on my priority when that next paycheck came in. It made me so furious that I went to extremes to find my way away from her. I cutted up two feathered boas (one purple and one orange) and sewed them to the hood and the sleeves on my jacket. I didn’t want anyone to identify with me at all – I soo wanted to be unique, one of a kind. It has haunted me ever since.

Today I found out that I was so much over it. There’s one thing that the girl could never get – no matter how hard she tried. My mind. My personality. My fanatic ways of escaping from normal. She couldn’t get the outsider that desperately wanted to be the outsider, because it was cool. She could only copy her.

Sometimes what you’re selling isn’t necessarily what people are buying. Most times these days  and in the future  products are not sold, products are bought. Identification is a reason for that. Coolness and diversity is a reason for that. I should have thanked her for finding me so fascinating that she was copying every detail of me. But it scared me to pieces. It drove me further away. Today I find peace in who I am, and I think it’s a beautiful feeling to be able to express myself freely and inspire people. I think a large part of what people are buying from me, is me. Henriette.


Why should every company have a blog ?

Inspired by Sigurd Rinde

Today I will try to answer the question “why should every company have a blog”.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether or not you should be using new tools in your communication. A blog is one of those new communication tools. Here are some of my observations:

When you do marketing for your company – you push your fine products out onto the consumers, this does not work anymore.. everything has gotten saturated.

– With a blog – written by a blogger or a CEO you show the customers the transparency of your company – that you are willing to hear what they say. Go ahead pop them some questions ! Ask them about their products or company and they will be inclined to answer.

This also creates a one-on-one customer service, especially if you show them that you hear what they are saying. Talk about customer relationship management for dummies!
This is the most effective customer/relationship management you will ever see… even though you are not managing anything at this point.

so why not compete on transparency, relationships, and SEO?

Another question might be that ” why you should listen to what your customers are saying” – if you need a filter for what they tell you?
Well for people to comment on things you blog, they must have been touched by what you have written! they are thinking about it, absorbing it and reviewing it.