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Disruptive Thinking: Brand Development Before Money Gain

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I had a link came through this morning from one of my Facebook friends about a Swedish media exec who was clearly disrupting the media world with her thinking and how she implemented things in her organization (link is in Swedish though, sorry rockers!).

Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organizations.

I am a firm believer that unusualness and disruption by thought are the way to proceed. Especially since I have been preaching business unusual and disruptive thinking in my brand studio Toothless Tiger, and making it the blueprint of everything I have done.

Creativity and play are also key; life is supposed to be challenging and fun, right? Looking at a challenge from so far away (or up close) that the challenge changes right before your eyes. It makes markets appear where they usually don’t. Disruptive thinking leads to disruptive actions, and disruptive actions change organizations.

If you want to be a leader in your field then you need to put those ideas into action. All the more reason if you want to be someone that people look up to for doing things differently.

When I researched about Return on Involvement, I did an interview with the CEO of the Danish office of Innocent Drinks. He told me that he had started speaking at a bunch of logistic conferences. I was a bit puzzled by this. Why would he be speaking at logistic conferences? Because Innocent Drinks had taken a stand. They gathered fruits for their smoothies from around the world and they weren’t going to use planes to do that. It was against everything that Innocent Drinks stood for. So they decided to have a zero-plane policy. And nobody in the logistics industry thought that it was possible to do this. But it was. Hence, a logistic rockstar company emerged to inspire the logistical industry, who also with this bold move showed that they put purpose before profit. That their long-term brand development matters more than short-term monetary gain.


Do you feel like you’re throwing gold on the streets?

The meditation part of my day is a long walk with my dog, Jarvis in the morning. I love it and it makes me connect with the world and be in the moment. I walk around town at around 6 in the morning, right when the sun is rising over Sweden and making the sky wonderfully pink.

It really is wonderful, and a great way of waking up to a sometimes hectic day. This morning in Elsinore there’s a large trash collection from the municipalities – so not only did I get to walk the dog this morning, I also got to look at the stuff that people throw out. We have trashed a lot of stuff ourselves. The thing is that some people are making money on the large trash collection because they gather the trash from the streets that is valuable to them.

The point here is that sometimes when you trash stuff, other people see it as gold. I think it’s really important, both in business and in life. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things, but it’s often needed to open up for even more cool stuff coming in. The great thing about this is that somebody else might see it as their next opportunity, and thats okay because you’re moving on to something else. I have had some decisions to make lately, and after this morning I know exactly what I need to do. Because of the trash on the streets, the sunrise, dogs and life in general.

Breathe in.


New brilliant things found at the #ton40 unconference

I have two very dear friends of mine that lives in Enschede in the Netherlands – Ton Zylstra and Elmine Wijnia. People who has supported my work and ideas for years on end – and people whom I look to when it comes to learning new stuff and figuring out things about myself and the internet. Thursday my husband and I drove from Denmark to the Netherlands to attend #Ton40 – or Ton’s 40th birthday – which is two/three days filled with cool people and learnings unconference style. Yesterday was one of the highlights – the birthday un-conference (in BarCamp style) on ” working on stuff that matters” – (or as I would say “epic shit”).  This is some of the key findings I took away from the conference.

picture by Elmine =)

– Creating stuff instead of publishing stuff is gaining momentum.

There was a bunch of FabLab people at the un-conference – which is a great movement of people “learning by creating and making stuff” instead of only reading stuff – I totally dig that people learn better with their hands and a creative experience. For me writing a blog and publishing stuff online is a creative experience, but again I would say that you could take it further into “maker-mode”. A total inspiration today was Siert Wijnia and his homemade 3D printer where we saw a whistle produced over the course of the day. When he asked who wanted the whistle – I yelled “I” grabbed it and will make it reside in Coworkingboat Pan that we are increasingly turning into a state-of-the-art-tech-boat when it comes to functionalities – so an oversized whistle is perfect for her =)

– How to post stuff that matters to you , even if you’re into the blogging/ social media thing.


Some people don’t tap into the whole “personal branding” thing surrounding blogs and  social media these days, they feel that’s a lot to make up to, maybe because they don’t feel the need to express themselves and making their mind publically as other people do. I think a real find for me taking away from yesterday is that you have to make people like this aware of that they don’t need to create something extra to publish stuff. Like fx. a developer who really wants to share his stuff online but he can’t get himself to write blogs about code – I can understand why, because coding is actually “doing the work” and blog-writing is “writing about doing the work”. So if you can make an ecosystem of recording what you do – while you do it, instead of afterwards (code with a camera on a helmet for all I care=) I think you’ve nailed a big part of it. Other people who aren’t into looking silly (I am for sure=) could do a screencast and edit it afterwards. Anyway think real-time recording instead of publishing stuff later =)

– How to rethink and reuse innovation and creativity

I did a session on rethinking and reusing innovation and creativity and all the talk about the abundance that everybody talks about we’re supposed to have in our lives. We are abundant – especially in stuff. If you look on the pacific ocean garbage patch – we’re really abundant in plastic – so much that we can afford to have it flowing around in our oceans. We need to find a way to reuse these wasted materials and add value to it again. I think this part of the global chain of production is key to figuring out how we will go from a post-industrial society into putting the silent revolution into action. Now I think it’s something we need to do proactively (again the coworkingboat is a good example of reusing something that was going to be waste otherwise). We need to find (or make) the resources in our local neighbourhood that has a use for waste and can make it into something new – and keep on reusing it. I know that material-wise there’s a long way to go still – but we ARE getting there people! I’m a total optimist about the future, but we need to put innovation and creativity into action and actually do stuff instead of padding our own backs because we write about the changes. To some extend it makes them real – but there’s a huge gap from thought to action – a gap we need to be aware of, and a gap we need to fill with our own proactivity to changing things.

#ton40 was brilliant – so many new ideas and so many awesome people =)


OMG BarCamp Copenhagen is just 2 weeks away

In my world of “currently-very-busyness” – I realised today that BarCamp Copenhagen was just 2 weeks away. Im really excited!. Excited because I know that BarCamp Copenhagen is gonna be sweet this year – and as Kim said “everything we predicted last year has come true”… Which is absolutely amazing! – I bet we will end up with an IT-underground map of 2008 when the evening is over.

We still have around 5 seats open – if you want to join the fun you can sign up here.

Also the way it has been hyped in the online communities I have come to realise that BarCamp Copenhagen is probably one of the most undergroundish things about the IT-industry in Denmark- which kicks ass – and it wasn’t intended that way..

But people has started to claim me the “queen of the danish IT-underground” – partly based on BarCamp – which is a title I am flattered to receive but still it’s not that true – or is it ?

Anyway I am looking forward to meet you all =) – it’s gonna be fantastic.

also a HUGE (HUGE HUGE) thanks to my wonderful team of fellow BarCamp organisers, Kim, Troels and Thomas – you guys rock !



Why should every company have a blog ?

Inspired by Sigurd Rinde

Today I will try to answer the question “why should every company have a blog”.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether or not you should be using new tools in your communication. A blog is one of those new communication tools. Here are some of my observations:

When you do marketing for your company – you push your fine products out onto the consumers, this does not work anymore.. everything has gotten saturated.

– With a blog – written by a blogger or a CEO you show the customers the transparency of your company – that you are willing to hear what they say. Go ahead pop them some questions ! Ask them about their products or company and they will be inclined to answer.

This also creates a one-on-one customer service, especially if you show them that you hear what they are saying. Talk about customer relationship management for dummies!
This is the most effective customer/relationship management you will ever see… even though you are not managing anything at this point.

so why not compete on transparency, relationships, and SEO?

Another question might be that ” why you should listen to what your customers are saying” – if you need a filter for what they tell you?
Well for people to comment on things you blog, they must have been touched by what you have written! they are thinking about it, absorbing it and reviewing it.