The social network on steroids – my first thoughts on Google +

One of the things about the internet that I truely love, is the fact that what one day is super hot and where people hang, is not necessarily the same scenario the day after. People they are like nomads and trying out more and more services and abandoning old ones. Ah the smell of the change in the morning…

So while I have been on a vacation, google launched google + and I think it’s a hands-down fantastic service.

When I started to digg in deeper I decided to structure some of my circles:

– some around languages and other different kind of contacts. Seriously just that it overcomes the language barrier that I have in relation to my network (some I speak english too – others I want to speak danish too, others french or swedish) is a gift for me as an english communicator but a native dane.

-some around interest – business, inspiration, art, music, crafting, creativity, social media, internet tendencies,

– some around relationships: business contacts, friends, family, people I don’t know well, but I’ve met.

The thing is that it gives me a way of directing my content more, it makes me show different sides of my personality and best of all: I think it will make me give more value, love and rockn’roll to the individual person.

So how do I see people use it these days ? I see a lot of people posting interesting stuff, some are starting to push their own offers out there – and even more so in google + than in facebook, it makes me want to block them out. When the social network gets tighter, more conversational and more threaded, I think the broadcasting that you need to do there as an entrepreneur – needs to be more carefully selected. I broadcast my stuff/content/blogposts/e-books too – but I try to measure it up by being an active part of the community as well. So is this the more strategic – more fragmented- less “inside the box” social media of the near future ? I would say “most likely“.

So what are people saying about it ?

A lot of people are saying that it looks a bit like a combination of Twitter and Facebook. But I think it looks like one of the biggest all time tech/web loves of mine (disclaimer: and former client) : Jaiku. Google + is what I could easily picture Jaiku to be a couple of years down the line. (they where purchased by google in 2007).

Im not going to compare them more, they just have a lot of resemblance for which I am overjoyed, Because some of the more conversational touch (and threaded conversations with everybody) of the web ( instead of statements) have been missing. I think twitter is filled with statements, facebook is very narcissistic, and if almighty google play their cards right, I think we could actually see some of the “social” I have missed mostly about the social web: the openness and the old idea of internetforums but in real time. I am have been using facebook extensively for the last 5 years – but I think that google + is going to a new place for me to hang – in a more open and a less restricted way.

The idea that you can connect with everybody in a comment or in a thread and where everything becomes more directed to the community than to the actual person, because it’s more open (I mean Twitter is a mess at this – follow conversations anyone ?)

I truely hope it will make the online conversations less complicated..

I am also looking forward to see more of it all – and see what the response is going to be from the rest of the online social networks =)

let the game begin.


Twitter, Jaiku and Roskilde Festival 3 years down the road

Today I am heading down to Roskilde Festival – a place I have visited at every opportunity I’ve had since 1997. Anyway this year there’s a lot of connectedness tools going on down there (foursquare camp, tweetups etc.) and I will attend as much as it as I can.  It’s awesome sitting here looking on twitter at the #rf10 tag and see what people are doing down there – I can’t wait to participate myself.

At Roskilde Festival 2007 I worked with a client of mine – one of my favorite webapps of all time (and I may still add, in my opinion used to be superior to twitter as a microblogging tool), and one of my favorite clients of all time. We tried to set up to use as a part of the “roskilde community” site (before it was integrated in the overall site=). I think we where around 30 people using jaiku at Roskilde 2007. It was good fun.  I remember @shevy and @aj42 and @wendelboe and I tried to plan a meetup – it was really hard though because the jaiku client drained our phones of batteries.

This year – three years down the line, things have changed and the apps are everywhere – the online/offline relations are booming and it’s a joy for me to see -  My only problem is that if I bring my iphone I will run out of batteries in a day or two. I am thinking about bringing a really old nokia instead – but then I will miss out on all the geolocated fun.

It seems like the collective education of the crowd when it comes to social apps has come so far, where as in my camp 3 years ago people where sitting and asking if I was a reporter or why I was fiddling with the phone all the time. When I said that I was updating the internet they looked puzzled to say the least. Today I don’t think anyone will ask that question. It’s a part of people’s behaviour nowadays. Even though some of it are slightly geeky, the 3 people who asked me questions about “updating the internet” will probably poke a person or two on facebook or send a tweet.

It’s amazing how fast the collective education of the crowd has gone. I wonder where we will be in 3 years =)

by the way – this blog is probably going to be quiet while I am down there – I will however upload pictures to my flickr, so you can have your daily share of me (if you miss me too much=)

Freelancing Trends

global microbrand – revival and pundering


SXSW has been great. Yesterday Bruce Sterling took the stage and did a keynote – and it was an absolutely amazing keynote. He also mentioned the “global microbrand” a term that Hugh Macleod has been discussing for a couple of years now.

Global Microbrands are or companies without space and time, that everybody know of, in small fragments of a much bigger industry. So people behind these microbrands are extremely valuable speakers at conferences, advisors etc.

I have actually been thinking about it for a while – I love my work. I love running Toothless Tiger, but sometimes it seems like I don’t “do” anything. I talk. I tell people what to do to make things work on the web. My clients think I rock.

Yesterday I even caught myself considering a really great joboffer for a fulltime job. Something I don’t do normally.

I think that even though I like the might and glory of being somewhat of a global microbrand (I don’t see myself as a global microbrand – im probably a mutation of it =) I really want to do something. Because in my head it feels like Im not doing anything. I don’t work. I talk. I write. I help people do kickass projects. But I don’t have a project of my own that I can take to webheaven, a project that is useful for other people and that I have time to work on.

My project is so far going to involve geekculture, sustainability, action instead of talking and is going to be based on community and the now-open-sourced-former-fantastic-rockstar-client I think I might toy around with it since even though with all this twittering, my heart still belongs to jaiku. Maybe I’ll even do two projects. A geekculture one and a actionpacked sustainable community based on Jaiku.

I dunno yet. In my honest opinion Jaiku is the best functional microblogging service out there. It’s just not being developed anymore and I want to change that.


As far as twitter vs jaiku goes

As far as the twitter vs Jaiku goes – I don’t believe that these two applications are even close to competing. why ?


Twitter vs jaiku in details

Twitter is only dealing with statements where Jaiku is getting more and more richer in the approach to become the biggest “presence” transitional web app around.
The community on Jaiku is so much better – because in addition to be all about “me”, it’s also about “you” as well.

I would even go as far as claiming that Twitter is getting more irrelevant by the minute. The key feature to twitter is a cool proces, that Jaiku has implemented so well in it’s web and mobile app which makes it the best transitional community around.


Jaiku goes beta

Jyri Engestrøm amongst others has launched the Jaiku application for nokia S60 phones. It contains ” rich presence” on the phone…

I can’t wait to play around with it, especially after his speak at reboot8… which was promising, and I love the way that mobile and web applications are being developed now a days.. yey ! – more toys…