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Help each other’s creativity

I want to propose something to you.
Something radical.
Something that could shift your brand purpose and how others view you.
I want you to see every friend connection as a mutual pact where you not only sign up to see what’s going on in each other’s lives on social media. Where you also sign up to help each other grow your creativity.

Help each other’s creativity

Where you help each other out.
In my perspective in my part of the pact, an online friend connection is as genuine as offline. Where online is simply an extension to amplify offline.

Where we help each other out – and not just click a “like” when your connection posts a picture.

I’m so blessed that I have a very creative network that launches things. They use blood, sweat, and tears to build something fantastic.

The smallest thing I can do is to share their work and their efforts.

I’ve started to honor those genuine friend connections and help them launch their babies that mean the world to them. Sometimes by referring their work to others or sharing their updates.

I see it as a way I can serve the world and some of the people closest linked to me.

I see it as brand activism and viral effect on an underground grassroots level, and that my friends, is one of the best things I know.

Geek Girl Magazine

All booked and ready to go to the London Girl Geek Dinner

to the London Girl Geek Dinner – without a date… so If you gents want to be there ( and chat to Cory Doctorow) I’m ready to be bought.

This is also going to be an opportunity to get together with all the geekgrrls and have them sign up for the geekgrrls lens.