What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. So badly, that I worked for a veterinarian for a week and then found out that I wasn’t going to be a veterinarian because I passed out a couple of times.

Then I wanted to be a rockstar. My vision of an ideal, was to be sitting on a couch and talk about rockn’roll.  And I became an alternative kind of rockstar, because of A business rockn’roll chick/ avantgardist who rocks brands and preaches rockbandism. And who is a brand in her own way.

Sometimes things change when we grow up a bit more. These days all I want is a  for smile from the rockstar in the mirror and a firm believe that “I rock”.

But what else do I dream about being in my lifetime? We grow up a little every day right ? So how do I want every day to feel?  To me it’s very much the same with brands. Branding happens by the minute. It happens from a core of dreams, whether they are business, style, idea or entrepreneurial dreams. Growing up can be a statement.  a silent revolution against what’s going on in the world.

But me… I try to dress myself to match some of this:


Act like this:

thou shall not take shit

Be brave like this:


Malala Yousafzai

Feeling so happy being in a world where creativity can amount to this (and you can purchase it!):

kate spade clutch

And when I become more grown up – I will be rocking this:

florence claridge

How about you? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

corporate activism

Let us revolt on the international workers day


Today has always been a special day for my family. Especially when my grandparents + my great grandmother was alive. It was a day of appreciation and gratitude and caring for those who didn’t have the same rights: a day of thinking big about revolutions.

My grandmother and my great grandmother they worked at Tretorn in Helsingør and my grandfather was a bricklayer, my great grandfather worked at the shipyard. In some ways they worked their whole life to better the rights for generations to come, which means me.

So what should we revolt against on this may 1st? I think indifference is the biggest thing to fight these days. Everything is allright but things can always be better. It’s important for me personally to believe that, even though we’re doing ok and well, there’s still so much left to fight for.  I think we should fight against climate change and for data protection. Fight for better rights for workers around the globe (hello fashion industry fx). Human rights and Health.

1st of may for me is spend with family in appreciation for the global society we have, the many solutions we’ve come up with and the big problems still facing humanity, workers, climate, health etc.

rock on henriette weber


Is secrecy the new digital revolution ?

the digital revolution henriette weber
I love all things underground. Just the hope of a new digital revolution makes me feel giddy). This hope was given to me by Andrew Keen two weeks ago in berlin at the next conference.
Now I don’t agree with him 100 {5efe2dfab989fd5e1401261f36f469c26e78ec7db6dd6d3e4b43ca097ae6fc54} but I think anyone who is researching as much as he is and bringing it all together in context to the world, and who ends up painting a scenario that I at least want to be aware about as a possible future. Here are some of my notes rewritten from the talk and my own evalution of this scenario:
Now Andrew Keen started out by stating that first we lived in the villages, then we lived in the cities and now we increasingly live on the internet.
We are facilitating the digital economy by doing public living, and by living publically and documented, data (and especially personal data) becomes the new oil.
This whole social media frenzy isn’t just a part of looking into the future, it’s a race to owning the future. Because these social media sites (or brands or companies if you will)  wants to own your personal data.
Real identities generates massive ammounts of data and personal information. Think about it, the reason Facebook is worth so much money because it’s a way to know everything about us in a very near future.

So, what is this digital revolution for or against?

The recipe for succes is that if you become an owner of other peoples personal data, you’ll become a billionaire.
We as a culture choose to be on social media sites and we chose to give away our data for free.
We do this because: social media is turning more and more narcisstic
social media isn’t just a part of the world, it is the world..
and the knowledge economy is changing, we are all becoming brands..
the two big problems in this is:
We are their products: each of us are driving the economy, because the brands behind the social media only have value if they know us intimately.
and that data is the new currency in an age where everything is free.
So I get all rebellic and Naomi Klein-ish when I read this – what is the counteract on this ? where’s our digital revolution ?
Well to me a viable business model for a future startup who wants to tap into the digital revolution, would be to create value out of privacy: secrecy. A secrecy layer. I love secrets and I think secret data is going to be a very important part of your public profile – the problem with it is that if you want to add this layer or the secrecy, then you have to own your own identity on the social media sites – something that isn’t used a lot these days. So if this is actually happening, if personal data is the new oil, then secrecy will be the new digital revolution, or a huge part of it.

My thoughts on my personal technological revolution

The last couple of days there has been a discussion going on in the danish twitterverse about a blogpost where he was sad about the social media/technological revolution (in danish) -because it made him and his family sit in front of screens all the time. I think it raises some great subjects, so I couldn’t help but giving you my take on it.

I have always felt trapped in between technological revolutions. Seriously – when I was a kid I loved loved loved playing Civilization and Hero Quest – I could get completely absorbed in the game to the point where my family didn’t see me for a whole weekend – if they’d let me. I remember being FURIOUS if my brother had to borrow the computer and play. I have always been drawn to the games. I can see my daughter is getting as absorbed in it, as I was.

I tend to make it into a family thing to play animal crossing on the wii (which she loves) as I tend to make her help out cooking, create stuff and as she has her “creative online workshop” (a blog) where we posts things that’s she’s build out of cardboardboxes and other stuff. She loves to build, she loves to be read to, and she loves to make stories/movies with a camera and her lego’s (maybe with permission I can post some of it here).

I posted Clay Shirky’s essay called “gin,television and social surplus” in my book “return on involvement” because it’s one of the essays that means most to me. I think it’s spot on to say that the media has changed, and they have become more active (as he does in the essay).

I think the active media and how we use it is all about choice. It’s what we choose to make of it -I sit in front of the computer all day, and there’s nothing that makes me more relaxed than to cuddle up with the family in front of a nice movie, or to spend my nights reading books or doing art. I don’t believe in technology/life balance as well as I don’t believe in work/life balance or family/life balance- I believe in life.

Seriously if you think you spend too much time in front of the screen – get a house, a garden get some kids and get a dog… and you will cherish your time in front of the screen. Set up an environment for yourself where you can’t get absorbed in it. You will love it everytime you get to go into your RSS reader and see what magic is happening in there, because to me, the technology truely is magical.

If you let the technology take over, if you let it separate you from the crowd you’re in, and where you spend you’re time sitting in front of screens.

Like letting your kids play DS all day long,

Like being at conferences – not being present but checking out stuff on the internet

Like playing wii with your best friends instead of being together with them

I think it’s your priorities around the technology that’s not set up properly, and you probably should set them up – otherwise you might miss out on a great deal of living =).

Technology moves SO fast these days, it’s important that you have your priorities set up about it, both from a business, personal and a family point of view. To me the technology is empty shells – it’s just tools

But it’s what you put in these tools and what you decide to create with it, alone or in a group, that counts – it’s not a life takeover – it’s fun, creative, narcissistic and full of possibilities (as well as threats) – make the best of it.