Woman keynote speakers on business

Nicole Simon has posted a very interesting post about women at technological conferences, and herself (and others) as woman keynote speakers.

I want to discuss it further in this blogpost.

I have been thinking about speaking at tech conferences… why? Not because I am a tech geek – but I know something that most techies do not about business, and I am convinced that they know things that I don’t. It is something I have been thinking about adding to my products, becoming a keynote speaker at conferences.

But let me point this out:  I don’t think women should speak at conferences just because they are women.. – they need to have something to say. And they need to be highlighted because of their competencies and not their gender. Women speaking at tech conferences is not something you come across that much, and I’ve always wondered why. I know tech is not an in particular woman field to study, but still the creativity and the possibilities in the field is something I predict will get women to be interested in it in the near future.

Also, I know that somewhere down the line, I will be able to deliver a great keynote on online networking and how to network,  discussing networking  and the new layers online.

Does it actually belong at a tech conference? I have no idea. But here’s a shout-out to Nicole, her initiative, and the thoughts of me becoming a keynote speaker.